Somewhat Random Pictures!

Pictures I found on my harddrive.

Me in my natural environment (the record store), c. 1999. Note weird artistic effect to the photo.

Fame indeed
Me and international playboy/famed author Jon deBurgh Miller, late 2000. Note sling for broken collarbone.

Oscar, lord of all he surveys
Oscar, c. 1999, aged approx. 19.

Heavens, I'm wearing that same shirt again
Me, my Mum, Oscar and an internationally smuggled pack of bacon, 1999. (It's a long storyódon't ask.)

Let us not doubt who is in charge of the household
Oscar and Timmy, c. 2001.

Superbly camouflaged against predators who see in black and white
Timmy, c. 2001, before the subtotal colectomy, when he could be a much grouchier cat.