Another Girl, Another Planet

Martin Day & Len Beech

Virgin New Adventures (Benny) series, 1998

I don't know why Another Girl, Another Planet should be neglected so: it's a fine book and while it isn't as significant in the Gods/Enemy arc as some of the later Benny books, there is surely some important foreshadowing in its epilogue.

If I were to grumble, the book does feel a bit clumsy in places. It reads well for the most part, with humour and increasing drama, but the writing drops into cliché at times. The plot is strong, but underdeveloped: it mostly seems to happen while you're not looking or spurts out in short infodumps. Nevertheless, if plot development is atrophied, the characters and the settings largely make up for it.

There are some subtle explorations of the usual Benny themes, considering the nature of history and text, contrasting the archaeology of the planet searching for the truth with Benny's own diary editing taking us further away from the same. Benny's own feelings are explored by comparison with her two companions in the novel, Lizbeth and Alex, each containing elements of her nature.

In all, a book that could have done with some more polishing, but a solid read. 8/10

Henry Potts, 21 Jun 99

Originally posted to rec.arts.drwho.

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