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An archive of my reviews posted to Jade Pagoda, rec.music.progressive, alt.music.yes and elsewhere, Joker Wylde's reviews on GameSpot, plus one review by Diane Ash and one by Simon Barrow. All reviews are © their author. If you would like to reprint a review, please contact me.


Doctor Who / Who-related books

BBC Books

Bernice Summerfield Non-Who novels by Who authors
New series adventures Eighth Doctor series Past Doctor series Virgin New Adventures Something More by Paul Cornell (Gollancz)
The Clockwise Man by Justin Richards (9th Doctor) The Deadstone Memorial by Trevor Baxendale Deep Blue by Mark Morris (5th Doctor) Another Girl, Another Planet by Martin Day & Len Beech Bad Timing by Rebecca Levene (Black Flame Strontium Dog novel)
Winner Takes All by Jac Rayner (9th Doctor) Demontage by Justin Richards and Revolution Man by Paul Leonard Deadly Reunion by Terrance Dicks & Barry Letts (3rd Doctor) Tears of the Oracle by Justin Richards Dark Side of the Sun by Andrew Dymond (Jim Mortimore) (Boxtree Farscape series)
The Doctor Who Storybook 2007, edited by Clayton Hickman Dominion by Nick Walters Algebra of Ice by Lloyd Rose (7th Doctor) Big Finish The Prisoner's Dilemma by Jon Blum & Rupert Booth (Powys Media The Prisoner series)

The Fall of Yquatine by Nick Walters The Eleventh Tiger by David McIntee (1st Doctor) The Glass Prison by Jac Rayner Erasing Sherlock Holmes by Kelly Hale (PublishingOnline.com)

Emotional Chemistry by Simon A Forward Loving the Alien by Mike Tucker & Robert Perry (7th Doctor) The Dead Men Diaries, edited by Paul Cornell Ghost in the Machine by Andy Lane (Boxtree Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) series)

War of the Daleks by John Peel Blue Box by Kate Orman (6th Doctor) The Doomsday Manuscript by Justin Richards

The Tomorrow Windows by Jonathan Morris
A Life of Surprises, edited by Paul Cornell Other

The Last Resort by Paul Leonard
Genius Loci by Ben Aaronovitch The Dying Days by Shannon Patrick Sullivan (Creative Book Publishing)
Faction Paradox

Collected Works, edited by Nick Wallace
Warlords of Utopia by Lance Parkin (Faction Paradox) Telos

Warring States by Mags Halliday (Faction Paradox) Doctor Who novellas Doctor Who novellas contd. Time Hunter Misc.
see also Erasing Sherlock Holmes by Kelly Hale Frayed by Tara Samms (Steve Cole) (1st Doctor) Wonderland by Simon Chadbourn (2nd Doctor) The Clockwork Woman by Claire Bott Myth Makes Presents Essentials, edited by Scott Clarke & Richard Salter (Doctor Who Information Network fanzine)

Citadel of Dreams by Dave Stone (7th Doctor) Fallen Gods by Jon Blum & Kate Orman (8th Doctor) Kitsune by John Paul Catton

Shell Shock by Simon A Forward (6th Doctor) The Cabinet of Light by Daniel O'Mahony (unknown Doctor) Echoes by Iain McLaughlin & Claire Bartlett

The Winning Side by Lance Parkin

Recorded music

Live music

Music books & events

A nod of thanks to Phil Kime and Dave Owen, whose reviews have inspired my own work; and also to the Tentative Reviews series by The Christopher Currie, a friend on alt.music.yes, for some healthy competition.

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