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Peter Blegvad Band

Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, 2 Apr 98
Thursday 2nd April 1998; £8
Day 1 of Disastodrome! 
Buy Hangman's Hill by Peter Blegvad with John Greaves and Chris Cutler

Peter Blegvad: vocals, electric guitars
John Greaves: bass
Chris Cutler: drums

Playing on the first day of Disastodrome was the Peter Blegvad Band: Peter Blegvad, John Greaves and Chris Cutler. With three other acts on as well, they played a fairly short set of Blegvad's more recent materialóno Slapp Happy or solo Greaves as we have had in the 1996 show. It was some years ago when I first saw Blegvad play at this venue. Then, solo, having not performed for some time, he was an intensely shy figure on stage. The change to this night was dramatic with Blegvad positively strident.

I had only seen Cutler perform very avant-garde pieces before, so it was interesting to see him playing 'normal' music. He loves his cymbals, does Cutler, staying away from the bass sounds, which were so completely dominated by the true star of the show for me, John Greaves. Greaves is simply the best bassist I have seen play. A lightning fast "Special Delivery" demonstrated his technical skill, but, more than that, is simply his presence in the music. It is lost on Blegvad's recorded solo output, so you all with just have to try and catch them live some time to hear what Greaves is like.

Henry Potts, 4 Apr 98; revised 22 Oct 2005

Originally posted to What's Rattlin'.

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