Demontage / Revolution Man

Justin Richards / Paul Leonard respectively

BBC Books Eighth Doctor series, 1999
Demontage, like a number of Justin Richards' books, is like when you've been going out with someone for a year or so and you have a shag on a Thursday night, but partly because there's nothing decent on TV. And you enjoy it and it's fun and satisfying, but it was like last Thursday and not quite as good as Saturday. And, let's face it, you were thinking of someone else while you were doing it.

Revolution Man, like a number of Paul Leonard's books, is like meeting someone in a club on Friday night, wearing something skimpy. You're hot, you're excited. You're out in the alley snogging and you're going to remember this for ages. And you were left with a hard-on at three in the morning by someone who was actually too fat and had spots.

Henry Potts, 23 May 99

Originally posted to rec.arts.drwho.

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