Waiting for Mary (What Are We Doing Here?)

Pere Ubu

Fontana UBUCD 2, 1989
Waiting for Mary (What Are We Doing Here?) [Cutler/Jones/Krauss/Maimone/Revenstine/Thomas] ****
Wine Dark Sparks [Cutler/Feldman/Jones/Krauss/Maimone/Thomas] ****
Flat [Cutler/Jones/Krauss/Maimone/Revenstine/Thomas] ****

1) Produced by Stephen Hague
2) Produced by Pere Ubu and Paul Hamann
3) Produced by Paul Hamann

Chris Cutler: drums
Jim Jones: guitar, vocals
Scott Krauss: drums
Tony Maimone: bass, vocals
Allen Revenstine: EML synthesizers (1, 3), vocals (1, 3)
David Thomas: vocals
Eric Drew Feldman: ??? (2)

When was the last time you saw a prog single? Pere Ubu apply an RIO spin to contemporary US rock. More spoken or chanted than sung, the vocals talk of surreal lyrics, against strange and unusual  drumming and more traditional guitar and bass lines. I wonder how it did in the charts.

Henry Potts, 29 Nov 96

Originally posted to rec.music.progressive.

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