The Clockwork Woman (Time Hunter #3)

by Claire Bott

Telos, 2004

In her postscript, Claire Bott describes "The Clockwork Woman" as a gender-reversed re-working of "Pinocchio", which it is, but I'm going to describe instead as "Fanny Hill" meets "I, Robot".

"The Clockwork Woman" is another strong book from Telos. It has a strong sense of story, a clear theme but also an exciting and fast-paced plot. It's occasionally reminiscent of Victorian novel-writing or period SF, a sort of out-of-time-ness that we've come to expect from the Time Hunter novellas. There were moments here and there which could have been tightened up (if I might use that phrase without encouraging lewd connotations), but on the whole "The Clockwork Woman" uses the novella format well.

Honoré and Emily acts as catalysts in the story, with attention focused on our heroine, the clockwork woman, but we get flashes of insight into their respective characters, which worked well given how new Honoré and Emily still are to us.

Henry Potts, 29 Aug 2004

Originally posted to the Jade Pagoda mailing list.

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