Virgin CDV 2600, 1989
Throwback ***
I'll be Waiting ***
Queen of Darkness ****
That Night ***
Raincloud **
The Border **
Big Man **
A House Needs a Roof ***
The More I Hide It **
Diamonds Aren't So Hard **
Thursday the Twelfth **

Written by Tony Banks
Produced by Steve Hillage and Tony Banks

Tony Banks: keyboards, keyboard brass, bass synth, lead vocals ("Big Man"), synth lead guitar ("Big Man")
Alistair Gordon: lead vocals ("Throwback", "I'll be Waiting", "That Night", "Raincloud", "The Border", "The More I Hide It", "Diamonds Aren't So Hard"), backing vocals
Jayney Klimek: lead vocals ("Queen of Darkness", "That Night", "A House Needs a Roof"), backing vocals
Steve Hillage: guitar
Geoff Dugmore: drums
Pino Palladino: bass guitar ("Throwback", "I'll be Waiting", "That Night", "Raincloud", "Thursday the Twelfth")
Dick Nolan: bass guitar ("Queen of Darkness", "The Border", "Big Man")
John Wilson: additional vocals ("Throwback")
The Phantom Horns: additional brass
Martin Ditcham: congas, tambourine ("Raincloud")
Martin Robertson: saxophones ("Diamonds Aren't So Hard")

While Collins, Rutherford and Gabriel have found enormous commercial success solo, it has always eluded Tony Banks, despite numerous efforts. One such was an attempt to mimic Rutherford's Mike & the Mechanics by forming a band, Bankstatement. Yet, unlike Mike & the Mechanics, Bankstatement was effectively a Banks solo project, albeit with guest vocalists. I like the other Genesis members' solo efforts. I even enjoy the much derided Collins solo albums—there are some great pop songs on the early albums. So, what would one hope from Banks, perhaps the most important composer of Genesis music through their history? Sadly, only disappointment awaits with Banks' solo work and Bankstatement is no exception.

Bankstatement is truly atrocious, but what is really sad is that there are some good, catchy keyboard riffs struggling to get out. After listening to the album, I found myself humming some of the tunes. Rushing back to hear the proper version, I was disappointed to discover my humming was better! :) A few good riffs aside, the songs are dragged down by awful keyboard sounds, terrible arrangements, repetitive structures stretched too far etc. The only song I really like is "Queen of Darkness" simply for Jayney Klimek's wonderful sexy voice.

Hillage should share in the embarrassment. That I failed to notice a difference between "Big Man" with synth guitar by Banks and the rest of the album merely demonstrates how uninspired Hillage's playing is. Perhaps he was simply not given any space by Banks, but I hear nothing from him as guitarist or producer.

Henry Potts, 29 Nov 96

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