Erasing Sherlock Holmes

by Kelly Hale

original e-book

Kelly Hale's debut novel, the Sherlock Holmes/time travel story "Erasing Sherlock Holmes", was originally published as an e-book as the winner of a $10,000 award from the Great North American Fiction Contest, sponsored by However, it is being re-written for publication within Mad Norwegian's Faction Paradox series under the name "Erasing Sherlock".

I am afraid I don't know if the original is even available. appears to be no more. I can say that I enjoyed it immensely. A sort of 'New Adventures' take on Sherlock Holmes, Hale presents a compelling read. The story grabbed me from the first page. It's a raw and visceral tale in places, but it also
preserves an emotional core. Were I to make a criticism, it would only be that the plotting treads water for a while in the middle chapters.

A great book and much recommended, "Erasing Sherlock Holmes" is up there with Daniel Blythe's "The Cut" in the world of non-Who books by Doctor Who authors. It is also interesting to see the similarities and differences with Hale's "Grimm Reality" (co-written with Simon Bucher-Jones): there are obvious parallels between the Doctor and Holmes and between Anji and Gillian (the heroine in "Erasing Sherlock Holmes").

Henry Potts, 19 Jul 2001; updated 19 Feb 2006

Originally posted to the Jade Pagoda mailing list.

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