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Talking about his experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in his Jul 2020 GORR, Wakeman said, "the bright spot has been being able to sit at the piano for long periods and it has been very inspirational as regards writing music and I have accumulated quite a lot already to sift through when the time is right." In a Jul 2020 interview, Wakeman said much the same, saying he has "bundles of manuscript papers" of music he's written.

In Jun 2021, Wakeman was awarded a CBE for services to music and broadcasting.

Solo releases
Wakeman's next solo album is called A Gallery of the Imagination. In his Aug 2021 GORR, Wakeman said, "7 of the 13 tracks are likely to be songs." He described the album: "it certainly has elements of The Red Planet and Piano Portraits too… so it has a pretty wide spectrum… just as a gallery would have." He first revealed plans for the album in his Mar 2021 GORR, saying it will feature the Hammond M102 and Hammond L122. He is working with the band on The Red Planet (see below) of Lee Pomeroy (works with ELO, worked with Yes featuring ARW; bass), Dave Colquhoun (Downes Braide Association; guitar) and Ash Soan (Trevor Horn Band/Producers, Downes Braide Association, worked with Dua Lipa, Adele, Will Young, Seal; drums), with vocals from frequent collaborator Hayley Sanderson. Erik Jordan is engineering and co-producing. In a Jun 2021 update, Wakeman said, "the new album's finally taking shape [...] Three tracks done. A load more to go. [...] 60-70% of the album is song orientated". He tweeted on 9 Jul, "Had a tremendously productive day in the studio yesterday ....half the album back tracks completed now ....really happy". In the Aug GORR, he said, "The percussion, bass and guitar parts will be added at the end of this month and into September with the vocals being recorded soon after that." In a 31 Aug tweet, Wakeman described "finishing the lyrical arrangements" for the album, while on 1 Sep, he tweeted, "another day of lyric writing and arranging".

He talked more about the album in a Dec 2021 interview:
I thought, “It’s time to do a new album.” [...] normally I have a concept of things to go with how the music is [...]

But it was really weird, sitting at the piano, and writing and playing was quite different this time around. For some unknown reason, music was flowing, which was great. But [...] all of the pieces were incredibly different, unlike Red Planet, where they all sort of belonged to the same group of music and the same sounds.

[...] There were obviously songs that I could hear [...] I kept hearing [Sanderson's] voice for a song called “This Is Good for Them.” There were other pieces that were just piano-based. Then there were some that were very prog-rock-y. I thought, “[...] I’ve got an album coming together here of so many different kinds of music, so how do I hold them all together?” A good friend of mine, we were talking about going to an art gallery [...] I suddenly had this idea, if you go to an art gallery, the pieces aren’t all of the same. [...]

I started thinking about having an album based on [a] gallery, like a music gallery. So it’s called A Gallery of the Imagination. [...] what you hope people will do when they listen, is to paint their own pictures. Obviously, there will be titles to help, but they’ll paint their own pictures as to what they see. One of the things we want to do is we’re going to encourage people to perhaps produce a painting as they see it [...] Then at some juncture we want to hold an exhibition of everything.

Rick Wakeman and the English Rock Ensemble's The Red Planet (R&D Media; 55:21 duration) was released 19 Jun 2020. It was first announced for 3 Apr 2020, but then delayed to May. Wakeman talked of a Jun release, while his website then said, "the reality of the current world situation is such that work on the project is affected by manufacturing and logistical issues. Regrettably we're therefore going to miss our April date and at this point it's looking like it will be nearer to June realistically - this also applies to download releases. Rest assured we will be doing everything in our power to bring the date closer especially the downloads." The initial release was through a dedicated website, but a general release distributed through Madfish came 28 Aug 2020, with a US release on Snapper. Madfish did a 2-disc release in May 2021 of the CD + DVD with 5.1 Surround Sound and Hi-res stereo audio, plus 3 mini promo films and a 70 minute documentary, with a 16-page colour booklet.

The instrumental album, produced by Wakeman and Erik Jordan, consists of 8 new pieces composed and arranged by Wakeman. With Wakeman (analogue and digital keys), the performers are Lee Pomeroy (works with ELO, worked with Yes featuring ARW; bass, fretless bass), Dave Colquhoun (Downes Braide Association; guitar) and Ash Soan (Trevor Horn Band/Producers, Downes Braide Association, worked with Dua Lipa, Adele, Will Young, Seal; drums), who had considerable leeway in coming up with their own parts. Jordan also engineered and mixed. There was a limited edition (2000 copies) CD, signed with a pop-up cover, and a limited edition (1000 copies) 180g red double 45rpm vinyl, signed with a pop-up album cover, and then regular CD and double 45rpm vinyl releases. Some versions come with an accompanying DVD "with surround sound, interviews, and other extras". The DVD shipped in Nov given delays in recording material due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tracks:
  1. "Ascraeus Mons" (5:54), with church organ
  2. "Tharsis Tholus" (6:15) (sample)
  3. "Arsia Mons" (6:10)
  4. "Olympus Mons" (5:20)
  5. "The North Plain" (6:54)
  6. "Pavonis Mons" (7:13)
  7. "South Pole" (7:35), with Mellotron flutes
  8. "Valles Marineris" (10:03), with Pomeroy's son on bass pedals
Tracks were originally advertised as: "Mount Sharp", "Medusae Fossae", "Hale Crater", "Polar Ice", "Ghost Dunes", "Valles Marineris", "The Tharsis Volcanoes", "Olympus Mons".

Promo described the album as "a serious return to "Wakeman Prog"". Parts of The Red Planet include ideas that Wakeman offered for the abortive Yes featuring Anderson Rabin Wakeman album, as he described in a recent interview: see under ARW. Wakeman sent the basic keyboard tracks to Pomeroy and Colquhoun in Jan 2020, with the album completed early Mar. In the aforementioned Jul 2020 interview, Wakeman described attending the 2019 Starmus festival (Jun 2019), where Garik Israelin, who co-founded the festival, gave him the idea to do an album about Mars, saying how 2021 will be the fiftieth anniversary of the first mission to Mars. (Mars 3 was the first successful soft landing on Mars, on 2 Dec 1971.) He then described a "solid two months just working on it" with Jordan, recording in parallel with the rest of the band. In his Jan 2020 GORR, Wakeman had said of 2020 that, "The first couple of months will include recording a new prog album for release in late March. It's going to be instrumental and very keyboard heavy!" On 13 Jan 2020, he tweeted, "First day of recording for my first keyboard orientated instrumental prog rock album for quite a few years , All being well, will be released sometime in March". On 17 Jan, he said, "I've been reviewing what I've recorded so far and am more than delighted." His Feb 2020 GORR described a "keyboard heavy [...] prog rock instrumental album". Wakeman continued, "The basic tracks are already recorded and that includes contributions from the musicians named [...] I still have a lot to add to each track and that will be done throughout this month [Feb] before Erik starts his task of mixing it all so it ends up sounding like it should!" In his Mar GORR, published 29 Feb 2020, Wakeman said:
he recording has finished......probably!

Erik [Jordan] is now heavily engrossed in the mixing and I will be going to his studio to listen as things progress and if there is something that I hear that needs replacing or something extra required, I will record it there..... but I think we are certainly 99% there.

On 2 Mar 2020, he tweeted, "Only a few days of mixing left on The Red Planet album. Can't wait to hear what Erik has done and move on to the final mastering stage ."

There were plans to tour behind the album that didn't come to fruition. There was to be a playback launch event of the album planned at the UK's National Space Centre, Leicester on 4 Apr 2020, with Wakeman, Pomeroy and Soan attending, but this was cancelled because of COVID-19. The event was re-scheduled to late Feb 2021, and again could not happen. In terms of touring, Wakeman continued in his Mar 2020 GORR:
There are already enquiries coming in as regards live performances of The Red Planet but a lot will depend on how well, (or not as the case may be), the album does and is received. Certainly it is something I would love to happen but would need serious additional players with me...2 more keyboard players for a start, (first choices would be Oliver and Adam) and additional percussion.
In a video interview promoting the album, released Apr 2020, Colquhoun said, "I'd love to go out and play The Red Planet music live. We all did our bits in isolation. It would be really great to work at [...] getting the dynamic between the musicians, the interaction." (Pomeroy recorded a few parts at Colquhoun's studio before lockdown and that had been the plan for all the recordings.) He also talked of a possible set list including "classic Wakeman material", mentioning "Catherine Parr". Pomeroy said in a Jun 2020 interview that they'd been looking at doing live dates as a quartet (Wakeman, Colquhoun, Soan, Pomeroy) and they might still do so. In an interview with Aymeric Leroy for issue #110 of the French magazine Big Bang, Wakeman talked of playing 5 prog festivals in early Mar 2021, although those did not happen, again due to COVID-19. Instead, dates moved to 2022.

The Red Planet made #34 in the UK (9 Oct 2020) and #1 in the Independent chart. It also made #10 in the Oct 2020 UK Progressive albums chart and then #8 in the Nov chart. It was still at #11 for the Jan 2021 chart. It was #6 in Prog magazine's Critics' Choice 2020 and #2 in their Readers' Poll Album category.

After the success of Piano Portraits, Wakeman released two more piano albums, Live Portraits and Piano Odyssey (Sony Classical Records). Another, Christmas Portraits (Sony Music Classical), then followed 29 Nov 2019 on CD/LP/digital, with recordings done in Aug at the Granary on Steinway Model D piano with Erik Jordan as engineer and co-producer. The album was at least as high as #102 on Amazon UK (#5 in Christmas Music) and #583 on Amazon US (29 Nov 2019). It made #16 on the UK iTunes chart and #80 (12 Dec) on the Canadian one (29 Nov). It made #82 in the UK album chart (#78 in Scotland). (Sony had asked for Christmas Portraits after the initial success of Piano Portraits, but Wakeman suggested doing another album, what became Piano Odyssey, before Christmas Portraits.) Tracks:
  1. "The First Noel", video sample
  2. "In the Bleak Midwinter", video sample
  3. "Deck the Halls / Away in a Manger", video sample
  4. "The Holly & the Ivy / Mary's Boy Child"
  5. "Silent Night"
  6. "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Angels from the Realms of Glory"
  7. "O Come All Ye Faithful / Hark the Herald Angels Sing / See Amid the Winter Snow"
  8. "O Little Town of Bethlehem"
  9. "I Saw Three Ships / When a Child is Born"
  10. "O Holy Night"
  11. "Coventry Carol / O Come, O Come, Emmanuel"
  12. "A Winter's Tale"
  13. "We Three Kings"
  14. "Sussex Carol / It Came Upon a Midnight Clear"



Wakeman played a supporting 20-date, Piano Odyssey, England tour Sep/Nov 2018, plus 7 more Xmas dates with a modified set in Dec. (The 26 Oct Ipswich show was sold out or close to being so, with a capacity of 1500. The 16 Dec Bristol and 17 Dec London shows sold out, the latter having a capacity of 900.) There were then more dates in England, with 10 shows 4 May-21 Jul 2019 and possibly a final show on 15 Aug. Two more shows were listed on Wakeman's website for 16-7 Nov 2019, although he has also described an Aug show as being the last in the series. The set list draws from Piano Portraits, Piano Odyssey and possibly earlier music, with an encore of [SPOILERS—highlight to read] nursery rhymes played in different styles. The 2018 Xmas set included "Liebesträume". There were then 12 English piano shows 5-21 Dec 2019, in support of Christmas Portraits.
On 1-3 Mar 2018, Wakeman played 3 concerts with orchestra and choir (Guy Protheroe conducting) in Buenos Aries, Argentina. The 2 Mar show was almost sold out, while the 3 Mar show was a free event. Wakeman announced his planned set (subject to change) as "Life on Mars" (solo piano), "Suite from Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table", "After the Ball", "Cathering of Aragon" (solo piano)/"Catherine Howard", "Gone But Not Forgotten", "And You and I/Wonderous Stories" (solo piano), "Help/Eleanor Rigby", "Dance of a Thousand Lights", "Sea Horses", "Suite from Journey to the Centre of the Earth", encore: "Merlin the Magician", "The Jig". The show in the Teatro Colón opera house was recorded. Wakeman said in his Apr 2018 GORR that "hopefully it should see the light of day in the not too distant future as part of a special limited edition collection." It was mixed in Jun 2018 and was announced as being due out around mid-2019.

Wakeman appeared with his Green Dolphin Trio at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival on 29 Apr 2017, tickets selling out. Wakeman formed The Green Dolphin Trio in 1966 for club work; the band lasted about a year. He revived the name for this performance, a line-up with Dave Colquhoun and Matt Pegg. The set included "Merlin the Magician", "Eleanor Rigby", excerpts from The Six Wives of Henry VIII, "Georgia on My Mind", "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "Baby Face" (with a 50 strong audience choir). Edited highlights were to be released on CD: this was expected late 2017, but then did not appear.

Previously, Wakeman has talked of working an instrumental prog album along similar lines to The Six Wives of Henry VIII. He has also talked of a new piano album with son Adam.

In his Apr 2011 GORR, Wakeman said:

I am finishing off writing the music for a double CD of piano which we will be recording at The Granary on my favourite piano. 70% of the music has been recorded so we’re on the last stages now. Hopefully this will see the light of day around summertime.

He continued in his May 2011 GORR: "Quite a bit of recording going on as well in May with Erik Jordan engineering for me as always, whilst we finish off two piano albums that we have been working on, (off and on), for nearly two years now. These will be recorded at The Granary on my all time favourite Steinway concert grand piano." In the Jun 2011 GORR, describing activity for that month: "Jordan and myself will be finishing off the piano recordings we have been doing at The Granary with my favourite piano." And in the Aug GORR, Wakeman described finishing recording on what is now three piano albums, saying, "It's possible they will be released in time for Xmas." It is unclear what has happened to these.

Another piano album of Yes music performed in a classical manner was also announced as forthcoming but has yet to appear.

With the English Rock Ensemble
Rick Wakeman and the English Rock Ensemble played 5 UK dates: regular shows on 30 Mar-3 Apr 2022, plus headlining HRH Prog XII on 2 Apr in Sheffield. The band had various different support acts at different dates, including Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy on 31 Mar. The line-up was R Wakeman (keys), Adam Wakeman (keys, guitars, backing vocals), Lee Pomeroy (bass, backing vocals), Dave Colquhoun (guitars, backing vocals) and Hayley Sanderson (Strictly Come Dancing; vocals, tambourine). Tony Fernandez was initially announced on drums and percussion, but travel restrictions (he lives in Portugal) meant he was unavailable; he was replaced by Adam Falkner (Headspace, ex-The Strawbs, worked with Dido). (Wakeman and the English Rock Ensemble were to be one of the headliners for HRH Prog 9 in Sheffield and London, Mar 2020, with a line-up of R Wakeman, A Wakeman, Fernandez, Pomeroy, Colquhoun and Ashley Holt (lead vocals, percussion). However, the event was postponed due to COVID-19. Likewise, Wakeman was to headline HRH Prog XI on 3-4 Apr 2021 in Leeds, but that also did not happen.) Programming for the tour was by Erik Jordan. Rehearsals began in Mar. Rick has said he would like them to play more dates in the UK and beyond, if there is promoter interest.

Wakeman had said the set would include material from The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Journey... and Return to the Centre of the Earth, The Time Machine, The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Softsword and The Red Planet, plus at least one Yes song. In his Mar 2022 GORR, he also talked about performing "music of mine sung by both Chaka Khan and Chrissie Hammond". The former would have to be "Wargames", "Julia" and/or "Robot Man" from 1984, while the latter could refer to multiple albums from Phantom Power onwards. In the end, the band played a 95 minute set of: Journey to the Centre of the Earth (abridged, ~35 minutes), 1984 Medley ("Hymn"/"Julia"/"Robot Man"/"Hymn (reprise)"), "Catherine Parr", "Merlin the Magician", "The Rest of Arthur" medley ("Arthur"/"Guinevere"/"Sir Lancelot and the Black Knight"/"The Last Battle"); encore: "Starship Trooper".

Further live shows
Wakeman is playing a piano and keyboard solo show on 3 Jun at St George's in Beckenham, England.

Wakeman is booked on the '70s Rock & Romance Cruise, sailing 16-23 Mar 2023 from Miami, FL.

The Grumpy Old Rock Star Tour covered 22 dates in the US and Canada in Sep/Oct 2019. The format was a solo grand piano show by Wakema
n with music (including solo, by Yes, early Bowie and The Beatles) and chat. He then played 11 English dates in Dec 2019 with a Xmas show. Following pandemic disruption, Wakeman announced the Even Grumpier Old Xmas Show with 17 UK dates in 2020, but these were disrupted by the pandemic. 16 dates were postponed to 28 Nov-21 Dec 2021, now under the title The Not Quite As Grumpy As Last Xmas Tour. The set list for 9 Dec was "When a Child is Born", "After the Ball", "Morning has Broken", "Gone But Not Forgotten", "Jane Seymour", "And You and I", "The Last Battle", "Merlin the Magician", interval, "The Dance of a Thousand Lights", "Sea Horses", "Space Oddity", "Life on Mars", "Catherine of Aragon", "Catherine Howard", "Help!", "Eleanor Rigby", "Silent Night".

He was then on a US tour with dates in the same format, entitled The Even Grumpier Old Rock Star Tour. Dates were scheduled 14 Oct-19 Nov 2021, but some later dates on the tour were re-scheduled to Feb/Mar 2022 so that the team could avoid flying during the pandemic. (Three dates could not be re-scheduled and were cancelled.) There were thus 19 dates 13 Oct-1 Nov, then 13 dates 22 Feb-14 Mar. (A Toronto date was cancelled "due to the difficulties with truckers and other political demonstrations", Wakeman explained in his Mar 2022 GORR.) In an Oct 2021 interview, Wakeman said that, as well as stories, he'd be playing music from his solo career, Yes, work with Cat Stevens, and with David Bowie. He was playing on piano and keyboards, until his keyboard was stolen in California during the second leg, requiring sets to be re-thought for piano only. Sets on the first leg included "Seahorses", "Jane Seymour", his versions of The Beatles' "Help!" and "Eleanor Rigby", "Space Oddity"/"Life on Mars", and a Yes medley of "The Meeting", "And You and I" and "Wonderous Stories".

Before then, he played 27-29 Jul 2021 at Ronnie Scott's in London. Billed as Strictly Wakeman with Wakeman, the line-up was Rick (piano, keys), Adam Wakeman (keys, guitar) and Hayley Sanderson (Strictly Come Dancing; vocals). The set included material from The Six Wives of Henry VIII, 1984 and songs by David Bowie and The Beatles.

Wakeman appeared by video at the 6o Festival BB Seguros de Blues e Jazz playing a solo piano set, viewable here (go to about 5 hours in).

In his Jul 2020 GORR, Wakeman said: "Lots of dates being provisionally booked for prog concerts in the UK and hopefully around Europe plus a US piano tour and some South American keyboard shows, plus orchestral shows in Europe [...] I also have some plans for some special charity concerts that I was hoping to do this year [2020] but which the pandemic called a halt to. We can't fix dates yet until we know the status of theatres and venues for next year [2021], but they will happen for sure."

Over the last few years, Wakeman talked about reducing his workload and a changed emphasis in what he does as a consequence of his age. He has stopped doing more substantial solo tours and is focusing more on TV and radio work (see below), shorter tours and one-off performances, although Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman saw a more significant commitment to touring. The latest comments came in an Oct 2019 interview where he was asked why ARW's next tour (in 2020) would be a farewell tour. Wakeman replied:

a mixture of honesty and then you can read into it what you will. None of us are getting any younger health-wise [...] It’s not the playing, though that does get a bit difficult at times. There’s the traveling and everything that goes with it. [...]

I have been diagnosed with arthritis in both my hands. It’s controllable at the moment. I don’t take anything for it, pills or drugs, but I do exercises. I have creams and special gloves and things that keep me going. I know I have to practice really hard to keep my fingers supple. I always said that I never want to walk onstage and not play to the standard I want to. [...] there comes a time to stop.

[...] I might be wrong. I might have a few more days than I think. I do have some days where they seize up quite a lot, but at the moment I can still play. The dexterity is still there. When I do the right exercises I am fine.

I reckon I have until probably the beginning to the end of 2022 and then I think I won’t be able to do it anymore. I’ll still be able to play, but not [up to] the standard live that I do now. I’ll still be able to record and do music and the odd concert, but they will be different concerts. That’s my reason why I voted along with everyone, actually, that we’ll do a farewell/thank-you tour to the fans when you can still do the best you do

In the RWCC Winter Newsletter 2007, Wakeman explained:

I still intend to keep the live performances to a sensible amount and so long spells of touring are still not on the agenda and to be honest, won't be again. [...] with fewer performances each one became special and had a little something unique.

An Aug 2010 article said:

After 40 years of concert tours [...] he has called it quits.

Don't panic! Wakeman simply means no more touring, no more traipsing from gig to gig, giving the same concert night after night, sometimes as many as 140 in a year. He is not retiring.

"I wanted to do a lot more (musically). I want to be more (diverse) in the concerts I do," he told Reuters [...]

What that means is cutting back to maybe 40 appearances a year.

His Sep 2011 GORR had this: "Although I have set a date of May 2014 to cut right back and not work 18 hours a day minimum 7 days a week anymore, (It'll be 4/5 days a week instead), the next two years are going to be more manic than ever, especially if most of what's in the pipeline comes to fruition." And the Oct GORR began:

I’m about to head into one of the busiest travelling periods I’ve had for years and it is highly unlikely ever to happen again either! Much as I love performing on stage, my love of hotel rooms and airplanes dissipated about five years ago, but sometimes things happen that means that personal rules have to be broken and the next couple of months are such a period.

Sound & Vision
Sound & Vision was the name of a planned live event at The Queen's House, Greenwich, London, UK that was to team Wakeman with artist Maria Rud, in aid of Animal Asia and their work with the Asian black bear (or moon bear). Originally scheduled for 10 Dec 2017, this date has been cancelled and the event was then planned for near Xmas 2018. Wakeman was due to be performing with son Adam, Ed Scull (Orion Symphony Orchestra) with a "mass of percussion", and a "very large" choir. Rudd was to be painting live to the music, her work being projected on to the buildings. Wakeman was to be playing new arrangements of existing material and some new material for the show. The event was planned not to be seated: the audience were to be able to move around to watch the performers and the art. It is unclear if this plan will be resurrected.

Wakeman's Music Emporium & Collector Club
Wakeman's Music Emporium is available through Glue Music. (When first announced, the "Exclusive Emporium Collection" was announced as consisting of 2 new solo albums (a reduction from an original plan of 6 albums). Movements, a synth album, was due Apr 2016, but has yet to appear. The second was announced as due Nov 2016, also yet to appear. It is unclear what has happened with these plans.)

Wakeman also has a new YouTube channel that includes some full albums and other material.

The Caped Crusader Collector Club is a subscription-service. Members get various exclusive content, including a welcome letter signed by Wakeman and a yearbook of photos etc. There are 4 exclusive albums planned for the year, due 31 Jan, 30 Apr, 31 Jul and 31 Oct. These are billed as "featur[ing] rare and live music from the Wakeman vaults." Sign-ups before 31 Dec 2021 also got She - Music from the Original Soundtrack and More, a previously unreleased 54-track album of 1:02:51 duration. This was the music for the 1984 film (loosely) based on H. Rider Haggard's 1887 novel "She: A History of Adventure". Tracks:
  1. "Untitled Theme"
  2. "She Chant"
  3. "Torture"
  4. "Sit Up and Do You Know the Way"
  5. "Shot of World to She Choosing Man"
  6. "She Arriving for Bundle"
  7. "Bundle in Warehouse #1"
  8. "Bundle in Warehouse #2"
  9. "Bundle in Warehouse #3"
  10. "She Scene"
  11. "Into Sunset"
  12. "Eternal Woman (End Credits)"
  13. "Off to Norc Mountain and Pool"
  14. "Harp and Swimming Pool"
  15. "Off to Norc Mountain"
  16. "Bundle with Werewolves"
  17. "Off to Norc Mountains/Godan"
  18. "Sets Girl Free"
  19. "Axe in Stomach"
  20. "Moody Forest"
  21. "Ballet Dancer"
  22. "From Smoke"
  23. "First Bridge Scene"
  24. "Leaving Banquet"
  25. "Battle Bells"
  26. "Preparing for Battle"
  27. "Untitled"
  28. "Rescue"
  29. "Vocals"
  30. "Wild Guitar"
  31. "Wild Guitar"
  32. "Wild Guitar"
  33. "Motorhead"
  34. "Wild Guitar"
  35. "Battle/Motorhead"
  36. "Motorhead"
  37. "Untitled"
  38. "Wild Creepy Strings"
  39. "Wild Creepy Strings #2"
  40. "Wild Choir Version #1"
  41. "Wild Choir Version #2"
  42. "Flashing Eyes (Various Bells Short Samples)"
  43. "Flashing Eyes (Various Bells Short Samples)"
  44. "Flashing Eyes (Various Bells Short Samples)"
  45. "Flashing Eyes (Various Bells Short Samples)"
  46. "Flashing Eyes (Various Bells Short Samples)"
  47. "Flashing Eyes (Various Bells Short Samples)"
  48. "Bubble Song"
  49. "Wild Mandolins"
  50. "Wild Mandolins"
  51. "Wild Mandolins"
  52. "Wild Mandolins"
  53. "Wild Mandolins"
  54. "Wild Bell Tree"
The second release is The Silly Programme, a 26:38 minute unused show for radio in which Wakeman did linking sections around clips of Kenneth Williams and Tony Hancock comedy sketches. There is no music by Wakeman.
Other solo work
Rick Wakeman's Yes Solos 1971-2003 is, as the name implies, a compilation of Wakeman's solos from Yes shows, released as a Wakeman solo album in 2021: see details on main page.

In his Jun 2021 GORR, Wakeman described doing the soundtrack for a short film entitled "Final Sunset". He then also said, "I have also been working in the studio on a really lovely project scheduled for a Boxing Day television viewing. I can't say any more at this juncture but it is really enjoyable to work on and "right up my street" as the expression goes!"

In an Oct 2021 interview, Wakeman described how he had recorded a trilogy of pieces about cats, called "Cathedral Cats":
I’ve never done anything with it but i was thinking of adapting it and making it all of the animals that I am involved with [...] just talking to you I might just resurrect the “Cathedral Cats” thing and look at all the animals that I have been involved with over the years and then do pieces specifically for all of them
In an Apr 2021 update, Wakeman implied there would be some more archival releases coming.

In an Aug 2007 interview, he said, "I'm currently involved in a stage musical, two other films and a stage juggling show!" In a May 2005 report, Wakeman says that after ending live work in 2006, he "will concentrate on recording and writing for films wherever and whenever possible." In recent years, Wakeman has been doing some soundtrack work. He has been director of the music division at Write Good Films. IMDB.com report that Wakeman is doing the music for a UK film currently in production called "Out of Reach". In an Apr 2004 interview, he says, "I've got this soundtrack thing coming up", but no details were given. In his Christmas 2004 Newsletter, he says he hopes to do more film and TV work. In Apr 2005, Wakeman said he was doing music for an animated children's feature about Noah. He had previously said that he would finish recording of his "Noah" project (performed live with the English Chamber Choir in 1997), but I am unclear whether this is connected or not. In the Nov interview, he said he would like "to do more work with orchestras and choirs and also some more film scoring which I really enjoy."

Wakeman had been working on a follow-up to Hopesongs with music for weddings and funerals, presumably again with Howard Prior.

Collaboration with Tim Rice and Alfie Boe
Wakeman and Sir Tim Rice (worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber, Björn Ulvaeus/Benny Andersson, Elton John), who previously collaborated on Wakeman's 1981 album 1984, are writing a musical together. In his Feb 2019 GORR, Wakeman wrote, "Plans are in place for a new collaboration with Sir Tim Rice and also Alfie Boe which all being well should come to fruition next year" [2020]. In a Dec 2020 interview on talkSPORT, Wakeman talked of currently working on the project ("been doing it for about a year and a half") and said, given the pandemic, it would likely appear in 2022. On 5 Mar 2020, Wakeman tweeted, "today I will be locking myself away and playing the piano all day and working on music that I have been preparing for over a year for a very special project with a very special collaborator.....(who's a big tease then) !" The next day, he tweeted, "work on the "special project" went incredibly well....more days to work on it coming up in readiness for my next meet up with my extremely special collaborator". This appears to be the project with Rice.

Further collaborations & guest appearances
Wakeman and Trevor Rabin had both mooted the possibility an album together at some point: see here for details.

Wakeman guests with a Moog solo on Justin Swadling's 2021 single "Into the Light" (33Jazz Records, 6:07), released 14 May 2021. Swadling (worked with Captain Sensible, Nik Kerhsaw, Bonnie Tyler, T'Pau, Tony Hadley) plays sax, while also appearing are Mike Outram (guitar), Mike Gorman (organ) and Liam Waugh (drums). Swadling wrote and produced the track.

In his Jun 2021 GORR, Wakeman described playing on a track entitled "Magic Fly" for a Cleopatra Records project.

My Labrador Eats Poo (HaGaTaS) was a 2017 book of poetry by Charles Garland (worked on Blue Peter, Terry and June, Hi-De-Hi!, 'Allo 'Allo). The accompany audio book, read by Garland, also includes musical inserts by Wakeman. Wakeman said it was due Aug that year, but it doesn't appear to be out yet. Garland was also touring England with an evening of humour, including readings from the book and Wakeman's recorded music. There were 14 dates in 2017. Wakeman also appears to be involved in the publishing company, HaGaTaS.

Released digitally by Cleopatra Records was a 1-track single, "Come and Get It" (2:24), by Badfinger & Rick Wakeman, a remake of the 1969 song. It appears to be performed by Joey Molland (Badfinger) and Wakeman, although Wakeman tweeted 25 Sep 2020, "bit naughty to put my name on the cover , I was only booked as a session player ." This is then released on Badfinger's album No Matter What - Revisiting the Hits (duration 31:57). The US has a digital, CD and tricolour vinyl release due 26 Mar 2021. The UK has the digital release on 26 Mar 2021 and a vinyl release on 23 Apr. The album features Joey Molland's Badfinger joined by various guests. Tracks:
  1. "No Matter What" (3:02), with Mark Stein
  2. "Come & Get It" (2:24), with Wakeman
  3. "I Don't Mind" (3:04), with Carl Giammarese (The Buckinghams)
  4. "Day After Day" (3:14), with Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull, worked with Jon Anderson)
  5. "Love is Gonna Come at Last" (3:38), with Rick Springfield
  6. "Baby Blue" (3:37), with Matthew Sweet (worked with Steve Howe)
  7. "Midnight Caller" (2:51), with Edward Ka-Spel (The Legendary Pink Dots)
  8. "Suitcase" (2:52), with Sonny Landreth
  9. "Sweet Tuesday Morning" (2:34), with Albert Lee
  10. "Without You" (4:41), with Todd Rundgren


From 21 Sep 2015 onwards, Wakeman (with Erik Jordan engineering) was recording piano and organ on tracks for Armando Peralta (Twitter).

Wakeman has a track, "The Sunflower Ghost" (4:39), on the 12-track myndstream Collection, Volume 1, released 24 Sep 2021. Others contributing tracks include Daniel Lanois, Jordan Rudess, Mark Isham and David Torn. The myndstream label focuses on music for mindfulness and for this project asked the participants "What does mindfulness sound like?"

Wakeman appears on "Sheep" on the Cleopatra Records release, Animals Reimagined – A Tribute to Pink Floyd: see on main page for details.
Wakeman is playing on all the tracks of La Bambola di Pezza, the debut full studio album from Italian singer Valentina Blanca. The album is largely written by Bruno Rubino (Fiaba) and arranged by Wakeman. Two digital singles have been released so far, both as by Valentina Blanca and Rick Wakeman (written by Rubino, arranged by Wakeman). Title track "La Bambola di Pezza" (4:30; with Blanca on vocals and Wakeman on piano) was released in Jan 2013, while "Volano le Farfalle" (4:32) followed Aug 2013. An album sampler is on her website and a video for "La Bambola di Pezza" is on YouTube (filmed & edited by Pierluigi Cavarra; directed by Cavarra & Rubino). Wakeman described working on a track for the project in Jan 2012 with engineer Erik Jordan. Cavarra said in Jan 2013 that a number of tracks had been recorded, but he did not know when the album was due. It is unclear what has happened since.

Wakeman played on a 1977 performance of "Tell Mama" by Etta James at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1977. The song has now been released as a digital single (video) for her 2CD album The Montreux Years (BMG, BMGCAT460DCD), released 25 June 2021, which covers her performances in 1977, 1978, 1989 1990 and 1993 on the first disc, with the second being her complete 1975 show. "Tell Mama" is the only track from her 1977 appearance, for which the band was Brian Ray (guitar), Dave Lowrey (bass), Steve Ferrone (drums), Richard Tee (grand piano), Rick Wakeman (Fender Rhodes), Lew Soloff (trumpet), Klaus Doldinger (sax), David "Fathead" Newman (sax), and Herbie Mann (flute).

Out early 2021 was a 5-disc deluxe box set re-release of Return to the Centre of the Earth (Gonzo Distribution; unboxing video with Wakeman). There is a CD of the original album, a CD of radio edits, and a 2CD of a live show in Canada (with narration in French). There is a DVD with ~80 minutes of unseen footage "filmed in the studio, at the album launch" (including appearances by Bonnie Tyler and Justin Hayward); a new Surround Sound UpMix by Simon Heyworth; and a walk through the original interactive multimedia experience with its creator Wayne Smith. There is also a reproduction press pack and publicity photo, a reproduction ticket to the UK album launch, a previously unpublished interview with Wakeman by Dan Wooding, and two A3 posters.



Media work
Wakeman launched Rick's Plaice, a 6-episode, pay-per-view, streaming video series with, as Wakeman describes, "live music performances, guided tours around my equipment, facts about musicians I have worked with, and even a quiz". A 2020 Xmas special, a 2021 new year's special (with Lee Pomeroy and Dave Colquhoun) and second series followed. Filming on the second series started when COVID-19 restrictions allow. On 2 May 2021, Wakeman tweeted, "filming all week with Hayley "Strictly" Sanderson .....6 rarely performed songs especially for Rick's Plaice Series 2".

Wakeman appeared on ITV's The Chase quiz show on 19 Nov 2021.

Other news
Wakeman curated the 60-track, 3CD compilation 70s Rock Down: The Ultimate Rock Anthems (Xploded), including his own "Catherine of Aragon" and Yes's "Wonderous Stories". It entered the UK compilation album chart at #3 (4 Dec 2020). The album was as high as #15 on UK Amazon (#2 in Box Sets; #3 in Compilations; 5 Dec 2020). He had an accompanying show on Absolute Classic Rock radio 28 Nov-19 Dec. In a Dec 2020 interview, he mooted there being a second volume.

Wakeman was awarded the Musicians' Company Honorary Fellowship at the Royal College of Music, London, in May 2022.

Wakeman has been supporting PRS's Emergency Relief Fund for PRS writer members facing financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic. He sent a video message for their recent virtual gig, which raised over £2.1 million.

Wakeman has previously written "Grumpy Old Rockstar" and "Further Adventures of a Grumpy Old Rock Star". Some years back, he talked of working on a third volume. In his Jul 2011 GORR, he said he was close to finalising a deal for this third volume; and in the Oct 2011 GORR, this: "Whilst away on all overseas trips I like to keep myself occupied as I loathe hotel rooms and so the plan is to finish the third book in the Grumpy series which has a working title of "Rick Wakeman's Grumpy Old RockStar Rants". I've been working on it for most of this year [2011], (and some of last year [2010] too), and, like the first two, contains ludicrous stories but with added rants along the way!" In Nov 2012, he tweeted about the need to finish writing the book. However, no further news followed until a 7 Sep 2017 tweet in which he said, "Decided it's time for the 3rd Grumpy Old Rockstar book & have already started on it."

In the Jul 2005 interview, he said that he is going to write a book about Yes ("Grumpy Old Rockstar" only has a small amount of Yes content)—see details here.

Wakeman is a columnist for Prog. In the RWCC Winter Newsletter 2007, Wakeman said, "I'm very much looking forward to producing various music books with duets for piano as well as music for other instruments accompanied by piano. This is very much a long-term project and hopefully by Easter , the first books will be available."

Wakeman has two record companies, Ambient Records and Hope Records. Fintage Music have announced a publishing and neighbouring rights administration deal with Wakeman covering the administration of his rights outside of North America, among other services.

Wakeman has been managed since approx. 2013 by Brian Lane (previously managed Yes, ABWH). Roger DeCourcey is Wakeman's agent for TV, radio and corporate work (but not music).

In Sep 2021, Wakeman and his wife Rachel became patrons of the Saving Suffering Strays charity, which helps stray dogs in the UK, Bosnia and the rest of Europe.

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