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Bill Bruford Official website for Bill Bruford and Earthworks; News; Webstore; MySpace page

Bruford has retired from performance (Oct 2017 interview: "I no longer perform, practice or teach on the instrument."; 2015 interview: "I have not been playing any music. I've not touched the drums for five years."). Instead, he does research, writes and gives talks. His latest lecture series covered Denmark and Norway (Mar 2018) and then the US northeast and midwest in Apr. He was awarded a PhD from Surrey University in 2016: his thesis, "Making It Work: Creative Music Performance and the Western Kit Drummer", is available here, which was based on interviews with a set of drummers including Dylan Howe (Steve's son, worked with Yes). He also turned this into what he described as a "less formal" book, Uncharted: Creativity and the Expert Drummer. He wrote a Jun 2021 piece for The Absolute Sound.

"Impositions on the River of Time" by Molotov Ape feat. Bill Bruford, released 11 Mar 2022, is a piece by Molotov Ape where they have sampled Bruford speaking.

Compilations, re-releases and archives
Out 29 Apr 2022 is the 6CD collection Making a Song and Dance: A Complete-Career Collection (BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd., BMGCAT529DBOX). All tracks were previously released. I have seen multiple different versions of the track list reported. What follows is from Amazon UK.

'The Collaborator' CD1:
  1. "I've Seen All Good People", Yes
  2. "Heart of the Sunrise", Yes
  3. "And You and I", Yes
  4. "The Great Deceiver", King Crimson
  5. "Fracture", King Crimson
  6. "One More Red Nightmare", King Crimson
  7. "Starless", King Crimson
  8. "Nevermore", U.K.
'The Collaborator' CD2:
  1. "Frame by Frame", King Crimson
  2. "Neal and Jack and Me", King Crimson
  3. "Heartbeat", King Crimson
  4. "Waiting Man",  King Crimson
  5. "Brother of Mine (Rock Edit)", ABWH
  6. "Sex Eat Sleep Drink Dream", King Crimson
  7. "Larks' Tongues in Aspic Pt 2", King Crimson
  8. "Three of a Perfect Pair", King Crimson
  9. "Man with an Open Heart", King Crimson
  10. "Elephant Talk", King Crimson
  11. "Indiscipline", King Crimson
  12. "Big Funk", King Crimson, from the 2000 King Crimson Collectors' Club release Nashville Rehearsals, 1997
  13. "The Still Small Voice", Piano Circus feat. Bill Bruford & Colin Riley, from Skin and Wire by Pianocircus featuring Bill Bruford
'The Composing Leader' CD3:
  1. "Seems Like a Lifetime Ago Pt. 1", Bruford
  2. "Seems Like a Lifetime Ago Pt. 2", Bruford
  3. "One of a Kind Pt. 1", Bruford
  4. "One of a Kind Pt. 2", Bruford
  5. "Palewell Park", Bruford
  6. "Joe Frazier", Bruford
  7. "It Needn't End in Tears", Bill Bruford's Earthworks
  8. "My Heart Declares a Holiday", Bill Bruford's Earthworks
  9. "Downtown", Bill Bruford's Earthworks
  10. "Pilgrim's Way", Bill Bruford's Earthworks
  11. "Temple of the Winds", Bill Bruford's Earthworks
  12. "Candles Still Flicker in Romania", Bill Bruford's Earthworks
  13. "Nerve", Bill Bruford's Earthworks
  14. "Thistledown", Bruford/Towner/Gomez, from If Summer Had Its Ghosts by Bill Bruford with Ralph Towner and Eddie Gomez
'The Composing Leader' CD4:
  1. "Beelzebub", Bill Bruford's Earthworks, from Random Acts of Happiness by Bill Bruford's Earthworks featuring Tim Garland
  2. "Original Sin", Bruford-Levin, from Bruford Levin Upper Extremities
  3. "Revel Without a Pause", Bill Bruford's Earthworks
  4. "Triplicity", Bill Bruford's Earthworks
  5. "The Sound of Surprise", Bill Bruford's Earthworks
  6. "Speaking in Wooden Tongues", Earthworks Underground Orchestra
  7. "Modern Folk", Bill Bruford's Earthworks
  8. "Children's Concerto", Moraz-Bruford
  9. "Footloose and Fancy Free", Earthworks Underground Orchestra
  10. "Thud", Earthworks Underground Orchestra
'The Special Guest' CD5:
  1. "Grown Ups are Just Silly Children", Roy Harper, from HQ (released as When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease in the US)
  2. "Hallucinating Light", Roy Harper, from HQ
  3. "Lucky Seven (single edit)", Chris Squire, single edit of the track on Fish Out of Water, available on some recent re-issues of the album
  4. "Silently Falling", Chris Squire, from Fish Out of Water
  5. "Calliope", Al Di Meola, from Scenario
  6. "Voodoo Chile", David Torn
  7. "Andre", Kazumi Watanabe
  8. "Small Wonder", Kazumi Watanabe
  9. "The Inner Battle", Steve Howe, from Turbulence
  10. "Lingo", Buddy Rich Big Band, from Burning for Buddy - A Tribute to the Music of Buddy Rich
  11. "Prism", Pete Lockett's Network of Sparks feat. Bill Bruford, from One
  12. "Achilles' Feel", Piano Circus feat. Bill Bruford & Colin Riley, from Skin and Wire
'The Improviser' CD6:
  1. "Galatea", Moraz-Bruford
  2. "Symmetry", Moraz-Bruford
  3. "Stalling Between Two Fools", Piano Circus feat. Bill Bruford & Colin Riley, from Skin and Wire
  4. "No Warning", King Crimson
  5. "Bajo del Sol" (live), Bill Bruford's Earthworks featuring Tim Garland
  6. "White Knuckle Wedding" (live), Bill Bruford's Earthworks featuring Tim Garland
  7. "Previous Man", David Torn
  8. "Three Minutes of Pure Entertainment", David Torn
  9. "Temples of Joy", Moraz-Bruford
  10. "Infra Dig", Moraz-Bruford
  11. "With Friends Like These...", Bill Bruford's Earthworks
  12. "Low Tide, Camber Sands", Michiel Borstlap & Bill Bruford, from In Two Minds
  13. "Kinship", Michiel Borstlap & Bill Bruford, from In Two Minds


Other track lists have varied somewhat. Perhaps the biggest difference was a listing including tracks by National Health, Annette Peacock, Akira Inoue and Gordian Knot. However, Bruford has said they couldn't license the National Health material.

The box comes with what is described as "a detailed biography written by Bill [...] that features rare and unseen photos"; this is 52 pages long. Artwork is by Dave McKean. In an Apr 2022 interview, Bruford said:
I couldn’t put on this everything I wanted to. That’s because there’s a time limit. [...] you’d be surprised at the stuff that I couldn’t get licensed and that might have been fun to have some of that and then again the stuff I could get licensed and that turned up on the record. And I think that what you’re allowed legally to license is a big determinant of what you can and cannot use on such a compilation but 99% of what was on my original list for tracks we did in fact license, which is a thrill and BMG have been eternally helpful with the entire project. [...] we’ve been working on this for eight months.
Bruford launched his YouTube channel in Jan 2022 with an array of archival content.

Out 9 Jul 2021 was a re-issue of the Summerfold Records release of Earthworks' Dig?. This follows a re-issue of the bands' Earthworks. All Heaven Breaks Loose then came 17 Sep 2021, with the live album Stamping Ground (BBSF012CD) due 5 Nov 2021.

In a Jul 2008 blog, Bruford said: "I think Voiceprint is about to release a live Gong album from the short time I was with them, but you'd have to check their website". As yet, there has been no announcement from Voiceprint or successor Gonzo. Bruford played with Gong for a few months in late 1974. An example set from Dec 1974 went: "Invocation", "Master Builder", "A Perfect Mystery", "Never Glid Before", "White Christmas", "Solar Musik Suite", "Flute Salad", "Oily Way", "Inner Temple", "Outer Temple", "Sprinkling of Clouds".

Phil Manzanera's website had described a possible archival collection entitled Rare Two including material with Bruford, but news of the release was withdrawn. In Apr 2003, bassist Bill MacCormick answered a question about the relevant sessions on the Phil Manzanera/Roxy Music forum saying:
Some of the early sessions for the Listen Now album [...] involved Bill Bruford + Phil, [Brian] Eno and me (not sure about Eddie [Jobson] though he certainly played on other sessions).  These tracks were never used though I believe Phil still has the 24-track masters somewhere.  Every now and then we talk about what we might do with them.  We haven't come up with an answer yet.
King Crimson
Various Crimson re-releases and archival releases continue. News of the current band, including Levin, is over here. Bruford was interviewed for a documentary film on the band, "Cosmic FuKc", also described here.

John Kelman is writing a book about King Crimson and connected acts, based on material he's written for the All About Jazz website over the years through Panegyric Publishing.

Akira Inoue's 12-track Tokyo Installation, on which Bruford plays his Simmons electronic drums, was re-released in Japan on 23 Mar 2022 by Sony Japan. The 2CD release is in the Blu-spec CD2 format.

Jack Lancaster & Robin Lumley's rock version of Peter and the Wolf from 1975 is re-released in a remastered form by Esoteric Recordings (ECLEC2781) on 26 Nov 2021. Bruford was one of many guests. Also including Viv Stanshall (narrator), Manfred Mann (worked with Trevor Rabin), Gary Brooker, Chris Spedding, Gary Moore, Stephane Grappelli, Brian Eno, Keith Tippett, Jon Hiseman, Phil Collins (Genesis), Cozy Powell, Alvin Lee and Julie Tippett.



Tony Kaye Facebook page; YouTube channel

Kaye's debut solo album, End of Innocence (Spirit of Unicorn Music, SOUM01CD; distributed through Cherry Red Records) is released 10 Sep 2021 (video promo). This is the day before the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which the album is about. Kaye, Spirit of Unicorn Music and Cherry Red Records are donating 10% of all profits to the Gary Sinise Foundation, which supports "veterans, defenders and first responders in times of hardship". The album description says, "The album takes you on a journey from the peace of the night before, to the emerging hopeful looking to the future." On an interview for the 500th episode of Yes Music Podcast, Kaye talked about wanting to avoid using minor keys on the album. Tracks:

  1. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/Twilight Time" (3:47), with vocals by Torchia
  2. "911 Overture" (4:01), the first piece Kaye composed on the day after 9/11: "I had no recording equipment, just an 8-track cassette recorder and some of those recordings became what you hear now." Streaming audio at the beginning of The Strange Brew podcast
  3. "NYC Blues" (1:40)
  4. "Battle Cry" (7:08)
  5. "285 Fulton Street" (4:43), described by Kaye as an homage to the Graham Bond Organisation in this Sep 2021 interview
  6. "Let's Roll" (6:32), recorded live while Kaye and Sherwood were on tour in Japan 2011
  7. "Tug of War" (1:48)
  8. "Flight 11" (5:24), with a drum solo by Schellen, including audio recordings from the day. Streaming audio
  9. "Towers Fall" (2:11)
  10. "Sweetest Dreams" (4:10), a lament sung by Torchia: vocals accompanied by guitar and keys. Also in The Strange Brew podcast (around 14:00)
  11. "Aftermath" (3:58)
  12. "Heroes" (4:06)
  13. "The Battle" (11:23), Kaye explained, "I wanted [the album], musically, to be about that day, but I felt compelled to extend it to deal with the repercussions of what happened. Musically, it was quite challenging to do the battle scene and then the Hope And Triumph, a patriotic anthem and the consequences of war."
  14. "Hope and Triumph" (5:16) Streaming audio
  15. "Homecoming" (3:06)
  16. "Ground Zero" (3:49), Kaye: "the hope for the future, the rebuilding."


The album is primarily orchestral in style, while Jay Schellen (Yes, Arc of Life) plays drums on "Flight 11", Kaye's wife, Dani (Daniela) Torchia, provides vocals on 2 songs and there is a guest guitarist on "285 Fulton Street". Kaye met Torchia 2 weeks after 9/11. Kaye produced the album and composed all of it, except "Sweetest Dreams", composed by Torchia, and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Kaye performed most of the album on Roland keyboards (particularly the Fantom X7), including using a Roland VK-8 for a Hammond sound. The cover is by Roger Dean, and was inspired by the music. Michael Innes (art for Crossover) has written vignettes for the CD booklet about each track. Kaye wrote the album as a continuous instrumental piece and he uploaded an earlier version of it with visuals as a 45:46 duration piece to YouTube in Sep 2011 (he subsequently removed the video). The piece remained in that form until Kaye returned to the piece during COVID-19 lockdown. Kaye said to Yes fan Doug Curran, "There's some tracks the same (as 10 years ago) but it is now 1 hr & 10 mins long with new music. I remixed it and it was remastered by the great Maor [Appelbaum]." In an Aug 2021 podcast, he said there are "two or three" tracks on the album that he had recorded on the day after, including "911 Overture", on an 8-track cassette recorder using Korg keyboards. Kaye was living in Los Angeles, CA at the time. On the other hand, three pieces were finished "over the last 2 years". Kaye asked Torchia to write "Sweetest Dreams" shortly after the Christmas after 9/11. That song was also recorded on 8-track.

In a Dec 2018 interview, he said he was going to release the music as an album "probably by [...] September [2019]". Some years back, Kaye had said he wanted to re-record the piece with a real orchestra. In an Aug 2020 interview, Kaye described the album as mostly instrumental, but with one song sung by Torchia. Kaye also talked about how he had stopped playing for a period, but had started work on the piece the day after 9/11, moved by what had happened. In his Aug 2021 SOAL Night Live appearance, Kaye said that Yes's manager, Martin Darvill, had encouraged him to release an album, and that he had worked on the recording during COVID lockdown. He also explained how, "I wrote it to listen to as one piece". He explained to YesWorld, "The next day I unpacked my keyboards for the first time in a long time[.] I didn't know what I was going to do. It was one of those things that happened, inspiration on a musical level." In the Feb 2021 interview, Kaye said, "the 20th anniversary of 9/11 is coming up and there's a very important album that has been percolating and written and re-written for 20 years. It is a musical commemoration that takes you through that day. It's pretty intense. It's basically an orchestral album and I'm just at the end of finishing it now. I'm mixing the last tracks now."

In the Aug 2021 podcast, Kaye was asked whether he would be doing further solo work, and replied, "That has to be seen... Look, [laughing] I can't promise you anything, but it's certainly inspired me to have my studio here and to be playing keyboards. And it would be great if something came up, but I do have to be inspired by a project." Asked if he will "continue" in a Sep 2021 interview, he said, "I think it's a one off really. Just because of what it is. But who knows? Maybe next time, I'll try something completely different." In the Feb 2021 interview, he also said he was "starting a new album" with Torchia.

Kaye has been working on multiple projects with Billy Sherwood, chiefly CIRCA: follow those links for more details. Kaye and Sherwood have recorded a song with Scott Walton: see under Sherwood.

Brian Chatton (ex-Warriors, ex-Flaming Youth, ex-Jackson Heights, worked with Jon Anderson) has a number of songs on his MySpace page that were produced by Kaye. Kaye has also been helping Chatton with some videos to accompany his autobiography "Rolling with Rock Royalty" (Facebook), now out. Chatton has talked about releasing further songs with Kaye.

Kaye appeared on John Wetton's solo album Raised in Captivity, which is included in the forthcoming An Extraordinary Life box: see details on main page.

There was a Record Store Day re-release of the first Detective album, featuring Kaye, on 23 Apr 2022.

Peter Banks Peter Banks Home; Remembering Peter Banks Facebook page
Peter Banks Musical Estate releases
The Peter Banks Musical Estate have released multiple albums to make Pete's music available, with Daniel Earnshaw (worked with Yes, Bill Bruford, Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman, Billy Sherwood) appointed in 2017 "enduring exclusive authorisation to handle all administrative affairs, relating to the musical and rights aspects of the Banks estate". The fifth estate release was Crossover by David Cross and Peter Banks, out Jan 2020, was the last new album of material from the estate. However, out 8 Oct 2021, was The Best of Empire (PBME005CD), an 11-track compilation of tracks from Empire's The Complete Recordings, and The Best of Peter Banks's Harmony in Diversity (PBME006CD), a 9-track compilation of tracks from Harmony in Diversity's The Complete Recordings. There was also a digital single with custom artwork of Empire's "Sky at Night" (9:42), with Phil Collins (Genesis) on drums and backing vocals, released 24 Sep 2021: available on Apple Music and Spotify. Banks had been inspired to write the song by the BBC's The Sky at Night and the song was played at the end of the 12 Dec 2021 episode of the show.

In the USA: Live Recordings 1972-73 (Think Like a Key Music), due 9 Sep 2022, is a new 3CD live release; tracks—CD1:
Roslyn, NY, 1 Aug 1972:
1. "Black and White"
2. "There No More"
3. "Monday Morning Eyes"
4. "Small Beginnings"
5. "Children of the Universe"
6. "Lifetime"
CD 2:
Hempstead, NY, 18 Jul 1972:
7. "Small Beginnings"
8. "There No More"
9. "Children of the Universe"
10. "Dreams of Heaven"

Passaic, NJ, 16 Dec 1972:
11. "Small Beginnings"
12. "Black and White"
13. "Children of the Universe"
CD 3:
Indianapolis, IN, 7 Dec 1972:
14. "Small Beginnings"
15. "Black and White"
16. "Children of the Universe"

Burbank, CA, 9 Oct 1973:
17. "Dead Ahead"
18. "Psychosync"

Miami, FL, 26 Oct 1973:
19. "Children of the Universe"
20. "Black and White"

Cape Cod, MA, 24 Aug 1973:
21. "The Bishop"
22. "Manhattan Morning (Christmas '72)"
It seems to have been put together with Ray Bennett. He said of the release, "What 'Think Like A Key Music' set out to do here [...] is to gather together whatever was left out there of live FLASH stuff regardless of quality and present it in the best possible way. Whatever improvements could be made to the audio were done. Quite a bit of it is rough sounding, but I found that even with the poor sound issues there was something coming across of the live experience. [...] A fair bit of this material was fan-recorded, probably on cassettes, some possibly from rough mixing board recordings; some is much better studio type quality, and some has been online for years on obscure websites, but in the worst possible form – awful sound [...] So all that has been cleaned up and the sound mastered as well as possible. [...] Other than the 'In Public' CD [...] this new set is it as far as we know. Pretty much all that there is of live FLASH performance." The release comes with a 32-page booklet with band interviews, unpublished photographs, and a tour itinerary.



The New Empire
The New Empire consists of Fernando Perdomo (Dave Kerzner band, In Continuum; guitars, bass, backing vocals), Mark Murdock (Masheen Messiah, ex-Empire; drums, backing vocals) and Marisol Koss (worked with Perdomo, Kerzner; lead & backing vocals). The group want to play Banks's material live and to "create new material in the spirit of the original Empire." They have the blessing of Sydney Foxx (a.k.a. Sidonie Jordan), who was the other half of Empire with Banks. Their debut album, Second Lifetime (distributed by Cherry Red; streaming audio) in tribute to Banks, was released 9 Oct 2020. Details in Yescography. It mixes new material with pieces by Empire, Flash, Banks solo and Yes. Guests on the album are Foxx, Dennis Atlas, Preston Murdock, Kame Akiyawa (Masheen Messiah), Rikko Shonin, Julianne Spencer and Dave Kerzner (In Continuum, worked with Billy Sherwood, Jon Davison, Geoff Downes, Jon Anderson, Steve Hackett, Steven Wilson, Genesis). In an early Jun 2020 interview with Yes Music Podcast, Perdomo said the album was about 90% completed. "Foundation" was being developed by the final incarnation of Empire and an instrumental version was released on their album Mark III. Jordan completed lyrics for the song and sang the piece on Second Lifetime.

Before the album, they released two digital singles. On 4 Jun 2020, they released "Faraway Friend (for Peter)" (lyric video), written by Perdomo, produced by Murdock/Perdomo and performed by Koss (vocals), Perdomo (6 and 12 string guitars, bass, Fender Rhodes, Mellotron, Hammond organ) and Murdock (drums, keys, orchestral arrangement). Previously, they released a cover of Empire's "Out of Our Hands" through Bandcamp, also with Akiyama (keys, synths), produced by Murdock/Perdomo and mixed/mastered by Zach Ziskin. A Feb 2019 Facebook sampler also covered and sampled "Foundation", with second guitar by Preston Murdock.

Perdomo and his Out to Sea Band previously released a live version of "The Architect", Perdomo's tribute to Banks. The song has now been released as a single digitally and as a 7", backed with "Angel".

Other news
Banks posthumously appears on a new project on Puzzlebox (Bandcamp) from Clint Bahr (ex-Flash, worked with Eartha Kitt; composer, lyricist, vocals, bass, Stick, acoustic guitar, keys, percussion), released 31 Mar 2022. A guitar solo by Banks is used on "Kicking the Wasp's Nest", which otherwise features Bahr (vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, bass pedals, percussion), Billy Ficca (Television; drums) and Jeff Schiller (worked with Gloria Gaynor; saxes). Also appearing on the album are Colin Carter (ex-Flash; vocals), Mike Hough (ex-Flash; drums), Dan Parkington (violin, sitar), David Cross (ex-King Crimson, worked with Peter Banks; violin, viola), David Jackson (ex-Van der Graaf Generator; woodwind), Dick Griffin (worked with Roland Kirk; trombone), Marilyn Crispell (piano), and Stephanie Feyne (spoken word).

Banks appeared on Jabberwocky (1999) and The Hound of the Baskervilles (2002) by Clive Nolan and Oliver Wakeman. These were re-released in a box set Tales by Gaslight: see under Oliver Wakeman for details.

Tracks with Banks are on The Syn's Flowerman – Rare Blooms from The Syn, basically a re-release of most of Original Syn, but with new liner notes: see details under Squire.

A documentary about Pete is being made. "Claiming Peter Banks" (trailer) has been organised by George Mizer, a close friend of Pete's, with some of the interviews done by Heidi Hornbacher. Participants include Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Oliver Wakeman, author Chris Welch, Mike Hough (ex-Flash), Colin Carter (ex-Flash), Andrew Booker (Harmony in Diversity), Nick Cottam (Harmony in Diversity), Mark Murdock (ex-Empire), Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis, ex-GTR, ex-Squackett), Sepand Samzadeh (Days Between Stations), Thijs van Leer (Focus), Joe Vitale, Fernando Perdomo, Bill Forth (League of Crafty Guitarists), Steve Stevens (Billy Idol, worked with Chris Squire), writer Jon Kirkman (worked with Yes) and a member of The Tea Bags (with whom Banks played in the '80s). Mizer said on Facebook in Jan 2018 that "we have put a band together to promote the Banks documentary [...] It will include past Flash members and now we hope to have Fern[ando Perdomo] join in on the fun." Hornbacher said on Facebook in Nov 2021: "working on the edit. It's a huge project sifting through 7 years of interviews. No release date yet."

Patrick Moraz PatrickMoraz.com; PatrickMoraz.net; MySpace page; Facebook

In an Oct 2015 interview, Moraz plotted out his future plans:
I’m [...] planning to do some concerts by myself. More than ever, I’m back in the saddle to record. I have multiple projects in the pipeline, and they will come out as they come out. I also have some classic music in preparation, and some other new stuff that’s going to knock your socks off.


I have other symphonic works [in development; in addition to A Way to Freedom] as well, including the completion of my “Children’s Concerto” for orchestra. I’ve added some orchestral colors to it…but I like to keep some mystery about what I’m doing!

I have also been expressing myself by writing poems, either in French or in English. And I’ve already recorded some of them. And I’ve almost completed a double CD with my other group in Switzerland [possibly a reference to Random Kingdom]; that’s going to come out..probably not this year [2015] or next year [2016], but after that. I have at least two other albums schedule to come out. But for now, MAP is taking priority


Because my children are grown up, and because I’m not committed, contracted yet – yet! [laughs] – to tour with a big band with my music, I have more time. And I’ve developed a very interesting studio here in Florida.

In a Jan 2017 interview, he said, "I'm playing seven hours a day, and I'm also recording every day and every night[.] I've composed many hundreds of pieces of music."

Solo shows
Moraz had a solo piano show on 18 Nov 2019 in Sellersville, PA.

Moraz appeared at Moogmentum: Synthesizing Innovation, Music, and Creativity, a 3-day event for the opening of the Moogseum in Asheville, NC, 13-5 Aug 2019. On 13 Aug, he performed and was in conversation with Larry Fast; and he did a demo/Q&A/signing on 14 Aug, with a VIP event in the evening.

The latest Moraz solo show was on 5 Aug 2018 in Sellersville, PA. He had a solo show in Winter Park, FL on 30 May 2018; the set included "Soon" and material from i. He next played at The Iridium, New York, NY on 26 Jul 2018and had another show, I think again The Iridium, on 30 Jul 2018. 30 Jul set: "Light Elements", "Aural Contact", "Soul Eternal", "Rite of Passage", "Temples of Joy", "Galatea", "Cachaça", "Imps Dance", "The Best Years of Our Lives", "Talisman—Caravan", "Isle of View", film scores medley, "For Mom", "Krazy Kapers", poem: "If YOU Think You Can...", "Nights in White Satin", "Soon", Variations and medley on Chopin/Mozart/Beethoven, 3-4-5-notes improvisation, "Modular Symphony". He previously played a solo piano Earth Day concert on 22 Apr 2018 in Sarasota, FL, when pieces included "Aural Contact I: Sacrifices".

Band projects
Moraz and Ronnie Ciago (Facebook) (ex-CIRCA:, Brand X, worked with Bill Ward, Mick Taylor, Jaco Pastorius, Robert Downey Jr.; percussion) have been working on an album together; one piece with Ciago appeared on Moraz's solo album Change of Space. Ciago said on Facebook in late Sep 2011: "there is also 2 Moraz & Ciago cd's due out in the next few months, Patrick Moraz & Ronnie Ciago "Live On The Radio" and The new studio cd ( Moraz & Ciago ) with known guest musicians."

Solo albums
In a late 2014 interview, Moraz said of the project, "In LA, I was in the finishing stages of a very important album — actually it's for a rock album — which I just finished the production of, which took quite some time to do. I composed all the tunes and all the music. [...] I composed 14 pieces, of which we chose nine. I arranged everything. [...] A couple of weeks ago, I received the final mastered version and that album is going to be released hopefully very soon. We're just in the middle of preparation of the sleeve and the credits and this and that." The project was begun around the mid-2000s.

In the Oct 2015 interview has more on the making of the album and news of plans for a follow-up:
It was a balance between the two [beginning with Moraz' compositions or not]. We played together and jammed and so on. The music was composed, first and foremost. Actually I composed more than nine pieces – at least fourteen pieces – and then I let him choose the ones that felt the most comfortable. [...]

Greg and I and John Avila, we can now play that music with our eyes closed! We can play it the way it is [written], but we can also jam. And that’s what we will do for the next album. We are really, really determined to put out a bunch of albums together. We had so much fun making this album

Moraz also said they are "discussing and planning how we’re going to do" live dates, continuing, "Not only promotional dates, but proper concerts."

Due for some time has been a new studio project, entitled A Way to Freedom. This project dates back some years and has been described as an "electro-ethnic" solo album. In the Oct 2015 interview, Moraz said:
I want to keep it a surprise. But what I can tell you is that it’s not just one CD, one album. It’s a bunch of different works for myself at the piano, with a band, with a trio, orchestra and choirs. That’s why it’s taking so long. In this kind of work, you can never say exactly when it’s going to be ready.
In an interview circa May 06 (Notes from the Edge #299), Moraz said:
A WAY TO FREEDOM seems to be taking a long time to come out. It's not the lack of material, but more about the inherent inertia which has surrounded the project from the beginning. I have lots and lots of recorded material already, but I never seem to be able to put the finishing touch to the production as a whole.

In an Aug 2013 interview, asked about the project, Moraz replied:

It’s still on the front burner, it’s just that I’ve got different projects and different productions that take precedence. [...] I’ve got several pieces that I’ve had rendered for a symphony orchestra and percussionists and a jazz brass band. All of the music is written and arranged; it’s on paper. It’s just that it takes time. I could have finished it and released it, but in some way I have been enjoying my right to be a little bit of a perfectionist. (Laughs.)

Asked about the project in the late 2014 interview, Moraz said, "I am in the finishing stages of A Way To Freedom, because I've got some other productions that take precedence. [...] that's going to be my solo album. I've been working on that for several years on and off."

A Jun 2014 interview described it as "due in the very near future". It also describes as upcoming Cantata, a piece for a soprano-alto-tenor-bass choir in 7 movements, "paying homage to 'Our Planet.'" The latter was previously described on Moraz' website as EcoCantata. His site website also said Moraz is "progressing in the compositional development, production and "finition" of a "Futuristic Ballet" and other works featuring electronic arrangements as well as innovative, rhythmic instrumentation and acoustic orchestrations."

Other news
Moraz guested on the 10-track album Not in Kansas Anymore, the posthumous and only solo album by Robby Steinhardt (ex-Kansas, worked with Jon Anderson), released 25 Oct 2021. Steinhardt was working on the album in his final months before his death in May 2021. The album was produced by Michael Franklin (works with Jon Anderson), while further guests include Chuck Leavell (ex-Allman Brothers Band, worked with The Rolling Stones, George Harrison; keys on a remake of "Dust in the Wind"), Billy Cobham, Steve Morse, Liberty DeVitto (works with Billy Joel), Pat Travers, Bobby Kimball (Toto) and Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull, worked with Jon Anderson), as well as many of the players on Jon Anderson's 1000 Hands: Chapter One and the associated touring band, including Michael & Tim Franklin, Tommy Calton, Jocelyn Hsu, and Rayford Griffin.

Moraz covers Jean-Michel Jarre's "Oxygene (Part 4)" on the Cleopatra Records release, Synthesizer Classics, out 12 Aug 2022: see on main page for details. Moraz appears on the latest Prog Collective album from Billy Sherwood, Songs We were Taught, out 1 Jul 2022. He is on a cover of Cat Stevens' "Wild World": see main page for details. Moraz appears on "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" on the forthcoming Cleopatra Records release, Animals Reimagined – A Tribute to Pink Floyd: see on main page for details.

In the late 2014 interview, Moraz described another project:
seven years ago, I had a project [...] “Seven Days a Week: Music on the Road From A to Z,” [...] I was seeing real people in real time, and the idea was to record in one week, in seven days — actually seven different CDs, one CD every day with a different theme every day. I kind of started to prepare production, because it’s a rough animal to do that, but as of yet I haven’t had the chance to complete such the project. But it’s still in the future works, as a future operation.

In the Oct 2010 Classic Rock Presents... Prog, Moraz says:

I am so busy right on many projects. They vary from rock to classical. Right now, I'm working with some extraordinary musicians in Tampa, Florida. Moreover, there are various reissues being planned. And I'm currently writing my autobiography, when I will reveal the truth of what happened with Yes.

Moraz has been working on a CD with himself on piano and electronic keyboards and drummer Jacob Armen (ex-Prince). Moraz also appears on one piece on Armen's forthcoming solo album: called "Cachaca II", it is an arrangement for piano and drums of Moraz's "Cachaca" on The Story of i. In a 2007 Innerviews interview, Moraz says, "It features the piano base of the original track which you can't really hear on my album, in addition to the original chord structure from the middle of the piece. The rest of it is quite different—almost a different tune." In the Oct 2015 interview, Moraz said, "I have a very good friend of mine, Jacob Armen – on whose album I played a piece called "Cachaça" – and his album will be out very soon...I don't know when." The duo have played a small number of live dates and further shows. In late 2009, Moraz, Armen and bassist Matt Malley (ex-Counting Crows) were working on an album together at Malley's studio. In Oct 2009, Malley wrote on his website:

For the last couple of nights I've been recording with Patrick Moraz, (Yes, Moody Blues) and Jacob Armen, (Prince) in my studio and it is downright frightening how good they are.  No need to "explain" anything...no analyzing...just play.  Think with your heart and feel with your brain.  I would love to tour with this little combo!

In a Feb 2007 interview, Moraz talked of his desire to play live with a band and that he was rehearsing for live performances, but he did not seem to have any specific plans for shows. Moraz had said that Vega Music, a Japanese label who are re-releasing Moraz's solo album Resonance there (see below), would like to bring him to Japan for both some piano and electronic concerts. In the interview for Innerviews published in May 2007, Moraz talked about what material he might play live, describing delving deep into his back catalogue with material from Mainhorse, Refugee ("like "Papillon" or a bit of "Credo.""), The Story of i, Out in the Sun, Future Memories, and "even" Timecode. He adds, "Perhaps I'll play some Moraz-Bruford pieces like "Children's Concerto" as well" and that he "might consider playing something from Yes like "Soon"".

Moraz played on sessions for bassist Dave LaRue (The Dixie Dregs, John Petrucci) for a second solo album that has yet to appear.

Moraz-Bruford tracks are included on Bill Bruford's career retrospective 6CD box set Making a Song and Dance: see above for details.

Longer term plans
Moraz has talked of multiple further projects, but many of these appear to be some way from producing any output. He has plans for a third "Future Memories" show, which he discusses in a new interview on a forthcoming DVD release of the first two "Future Memories" TV programmes (see below). Moraz has also been working on an album with Michel Sanchez (Deep Forest) for some time. A report circa Feb 2005 said that Moraz has two electronic albums close to completion, one of which seemed to be the one with Sanchez. It is unclear whether the other was A Way to Freedom, with Armen or some other project.

Moraz has expanded "Modular Symphony (1st Movement)" from his 1987 Human Interface album into an entire piano conerto, which he intends to release at some point according to a Mar 2005 interview.

Although he has no immediate plans, in his Mar 2005 interview, Moraz talked of his willingness to do a video or film project based on his solo album The Story of i. In his NftE interview (Jan 2001), he said, "I've also been writing and researching some stories. I'd like to do a movie of THE STORY OF I either in 3-D computer graphics, an animated version, or the real thing. I have also written a couple of other movie scripts; one is a science fiction story and the other is about the life and times of a composer who lived three hundred years ago." In an earlier interview (Oct 2000), he said: "I have just about 30 other projects that I have already composed, I've composed hundreds of pieces of music in the last 9 years. [...] I have also, maybe, studying to get a commission for a symphony orchestra perhaps in europe for next year [2001]." At some point, he has been planning to do a charity Christmas album.

In the 2005 interview, Moraz mentioned too his desire to do some live shows with flautist Syrinx to play music from their album Coexistence/Libertate, although again there are no specific plans at present. Moraz has said he may collaborate with Annie Haslam in the future.

Trevor Horn

Trevor Horn news it on its own page.

Trevor Rabin
Homepage; Facebook; Twitter

Solo album with vocals
Rabin has been working on a new solo album. In an interview in the Apr 2020 issue of Prog, Rabin said he is working on a new solo album with vocals (in contrast to the largely instrumental Jacaranda, his last solo album). He has been working on ideas since before ARW, initially in gaps between film scoring. The Prog article goes on to say that Rabin is "putting everything else on hold" to finish the album. Rabin says he is "aiming to have this released by the end of 2020", although this did not come to pass. He also said there will be "some name guests" on the album, including Vinnie Colaiuta (worked with Billy Sherwood, Frank Zappa, Joni Mitchell, Sting), who played on Jacaranda. He said he hopes to "persuade Rick [Wakeman] to come in [...] on a track or two" and also talked of "asking others". Rabin said more in a May 2020 article, saying he had been halfway through the project before getting sidetracked by touring with ARW and putting together Changes (see below). He described the album as having "vocals and the whole enchilada." As for guests, he said, "I will definitely be getting people in. At this point, I haven't decided who and when and how." In another Apr 2020 interview, Rabin said, "I'm focusing on my new album. A follow up to "Can't look away". I've been putting in blood, sweet and tears. I'd say I'm 60% there." In a Jul 2020 interview for the Rabin-esque blog, Rabin said he was still at about 60% completion, but that he knows the overal shape of the project and has 3-4 pieces he is really happy with. He also said he is devoting himself to the album for the rest of 2020. In another Jul 2020 interview with Andy Burns, Rabin said he has been "at home, just writing" for the album. As he explained in this Sep 2020 interview, he had decided to be "full steam" on the project, but was persuaded to do a score for Renny Harlin during 2020 (see below), but that he had "recently" finished that and was "back on my album". He described the album as "a follow-on from Talk/Can't Look Away" and said he was "about two thirds" done. He continued, "I suppose that I could say that I have enough to have been completed at this point, but I keep writing new stuff and stuff that I think would fit in better". Asked if the album will include "epic proggy moments" by interviewer Sean Tonar, Rabin replied, "even the short songs are pretty long, but there is one or two tracks that have that kind of feel to it, but [...] I'm really not doing the album with a view of, y'know, restricting myself to a specific genre [...] whatever fits will come into the album. [...] There's definitely gonna be some kind of epic things, but there's also gonna be [...] just regular songs [...] but even those have turned out to be quite long anyway." He also said he didn't have a working title for the album, and that none of the material was intended for the aborted ARW album. At the end of the interview, Rabin then added, "I'm doing part of "Endless Dream" on my new album. [...] The instrumental "Silent Spring" [...] I have a variation of that, which, y'know I don't want to leave out and I'm gonna put it on the album. It's different, but it's the same piece."

ARW bassist Lee Pomeroy said in a Jun 2020 interview that when he last spoke to Rabin, in late 2019, Rabin was conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic for something. In the Jul 2020 interview, Rabin explained that Brian Lane and Larry Magid (who organised ARW's touring) had been willing to organise and finance such an event, but that the COVID-19 pandemic had stalled any plans.

Back in an Oct 2016 interview, Rabin was asked whether it will be a 20 year wait for his next solo album, referencing the 23 year gap before Jacaranda. He replied: "The answer to that is definitely no. The wait won't be quite that long." In a Jan 2017 interview, Rabin said, "I'm [...] about half way through a new solo project. I'[m] enjoying singing again." In one of the Oct 2017 interviews, he said, "I'm about halfway through a new solo album [...] There's no titles yet but there's about five or six songs I'm really excited about. There's another five that are written that I still have to do".

Further back, in summer 2014, his website announced the new album as "coming soon". In Jun 2014 on Facebook, Rabin described it: "the current album I'm working on is a vocal album. I'm not sure where it will ultimately land up. But it's definitely a rock album at this point. What I've been writing is definitely challenging my fingers. But I'm loving it." The day before, he'd posted:
sorry i've been missing in action,,,.but I have been 24/7 on the new solo album, and it's turning into something pretty cool.
I was hoping i'd be closing in by now.
Ufortunately it'll take a but longer. It's just taking time to let it all happen the right way. But i'm quite excited with where it's going.
I'm about half way through and very happy. Bare with me.

In Sep 2014, Rabin said the album will have "some surprise guests" and described 3 drummers will be involved, Lou Molino (who had already recorded parts, and previously played on Jacaranda and with Anderson Rabin Wakeman), son Ryan Rabin and an as yet unnamed drummer. Recording sessions continued in Sep 2014. In Aug 2015, he posted to Facebook:
Sorry there's been little on the new album.
I'm had to take some breaks to fulfill some film obligations.
But it's going great, I wish it was happening a little faster.
I would say I'm half way there and will be back at it next week.
speak soon. all the best

The next day, in response to a question, he posted, "BTW...Yes it is very much a vocal album". A Jun 2015 interview described him as "now writing an album of all-original rock material and considering a tour." However, in Feb 2016, he said (again on Facebook) that he was "just working crazy at the moment" and "putting my solo album on hold". This appeared to be connected to the ramping up of activity by Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman.

Back in Feb 2014, Rabin said on Facebook:
I've completed 2 tracks for my next solo album.
I wasn't sure what shape my voice would be in, as singing is something I do little of with scoring (or on Jacaranda), ... but voice exercises and singing a lot,....i'm in good shape.
Happy so far, ...long way to go!

Journalist Jon Kirkman said on Facebook (Jan 2014) that Rabin is keen to get the rock album out within 2 years and he already has some material for it. On Facebook in Feb 2014, Rabin talked of having completed two songs in the style of Can't Look Away and 90125.

Broader context and other work
The Apr 2020 Prog interview described "at least two opportunities" for Rabin to work live with orchestras "in the next year [2021] or so", while noting, "nothing is yet confirmed". One would be a performance of Rabin's own work, as mentioned above, while the other, in Rabin's words, "would give me the chance to get involved with a very big name from the rock world." Rabin continued that he "feel[s] confident both will happen, with at least one in London." This second opportunity appears to have been a project with guitarist Joe Bonamassa and his producer Kevin Shirley (worked with Joe Satriani, Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes). A May 2021 interview with Steve Louw, who was also working with Shirley and Bonamassa, had this: "I flew to New York on the 3rd of March [2020] [...] and Kevin [Shirley] headed to LA to film with Trevor Rabin who was scoring Joe Bonamassa songs with a full orchestra for a live concert film they were going to film last August [2020] at Red Rock in Colorado." Presumably the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted those Aug plans. What has happened since is unknown.

Rabin's main activity had been Yes featuring Anderson Rabin Wakeman for a period, but the band is now over. He was expected to be re-focusing on film scoring and a follow-up to Jacaranda in 2019. In a Jun 2018 interview, he talked about how he had initially thought ARW touring would be more limited ("I thought it'd be 5, 6 m[onths]"), but how the Hall of Fame induction "enlarged the whole idea of the thing" and that "there's all these people relying on the tour, the crew" and, thus, he has "continued and continued" with the shows. However, "next [year? which would be 2019]... I'm going to start... I've got an album to do, a solo album, and [...] the record company really want do so a second one [after Jacaranda] [...] so I'm gonna do that, but then I'm getting back into film." He continued later in the interview:
Once [...] we [ARW] do Europe […] once that tour is finished, I'm actually going to start bookings [for film scoring]. So I've promised [new manager] Rich [Jacobellis] that when I come back, in between now and doing the next tour [26 Aug-9 Sep 2018] […] I'll agree to start taking meetings, speaking to people and I'll phone my friends [like directors Renny Harlin and Jerry Bruckheimer]
Wakeman said in his Sep 2018 GORR that ARW are taking the rest of 2018 off as a group, while "Trev is doing the score for a new film".

 An Apr 2017 interview (conducted Mar) had laid out the following plan:
I’ve got two solo records which I’m scheduled to do and two scores which I’m not at liberty to mention [...] I pretty much signed on to them now, and so I’m pretty busy right up until the end of 2018 at this point.

I did an instrumental album in 2012 [Jacaranda]. I wanna follow that up with another [instrumental] album, and I also do wanna do a kind of vocal rock album to follow up on [...] Can’t Look Away [...] obviously, a priority goal for us is ARW

In a Jun 2017 interview, Jason Becker, who is having Rabin guest on a piece of his, said, "[Rabin] is working on a symphony now": I am unclear what that is, and whether it is related to solo work, film scoring or something else.

He released his solo album Jacaranda in 2012 and said in one May 2012 interview that: "I've already starting thinking about material for a next album." He explained in another interview (published around May 2012, but possibly from some time earlier in that year):

I love my work and my work for the last 12 years, or so, has been making song scores, but I love going on vacation. I really do enjoy doing the movie stuff and I’m not going to stop. I am also not going to let that side of things get in the way of doing this [solo work], which is my favorite thing to do.

He has talked about two projects, an electric guitar concerto and the rock album with vocals. He said later in the latter May 2012 interview:

I am actually about halfway through an electric guitar concerto right now. I was very into it but there is so much work, right down to how to write it, that I have not  finished it yet. Right now, it has four guitars in it but it might end up having five guitars. What is a guitar concerto, you may ask? There will be four or five guitars that will each have very specific parts written for it.

In a Nov 2012 interview, he described two projects:
I've had something on the burner for a long time, but I've never really got centered on it [...] I have an electric-guitar concerto. I'm calling it that, which might sound a bit posh, but it's just a classical electric guitar. What I have sketched out is for full orchestra and electric guitar. I've also included four bagpipes, which just sounded so great. It's a great combination, these very legato, almost sitar-ish guitars and the drone of the bagpipes, which is an extraordinary sound. I really want to come to terms with this guitar concerto
I'm also very determined to do a rock album, whatever that means, with singing on it.
In a Jun 2012 interview, he said, "I will sing on a record in the future. I've started working on a followup to Jacaranda. I'm going to do a vocal." He also says, "I met with Robert Plant and we wanted to do something together, so I'd love to revisit that." And in another Jun 2012 interview, Rabin says, "I will sing soon! Yes, I will definitely be singing on my future albums and projects." And adds, "This album [Jacaranda] and the music I express on it is definitely a turning point for me. I will be far more creatively free from this moment on since creating Jacaranda." In my Jul 2012 interview with Rabin, he said: "I am so motivated by Jacaranda it certainly won't be 20 years between albums again." In an Aug 2013 interview, he said: "I am starting a new solo album as a follow up to Jacaranda".

In a Mar 2014 radio interview, Anderson mentioned a recent email from Rabin who had, in Anderson's words, "just written a piano concerto for Lang Lang" [official website].

Film scores etc.
Rabin had intended to pause scoring work while finishing his solo album, but he made an exception for a Renny Harlin project. In the Rabin-esque Jul 2020 interview, Rabin described coming in to "fix" the score for the Harlin-directed action film The Misfits. The music had been initially credited to Lasse Enersen. The film came out Jun 2021, with the music credited to Enersen and Rabin.

It was announced in Jul 2022 that Rabin is scoring National Treasure: Edge of History, the Disney+ TV show based on the "National Treasure" film series. Rabin had scored the two "National Treasure" films. The TV series has been filming across 2022.

As he explained in the Sep 2020 interview, he agreed to do the score just before his COVID-19 lockdown started (which was mid-Mar 2020). This prevented the original plan of doing an orchestral score, so Rabin recorded the entire thing alone. He said in the interview that he had finished it "recently". He went on to stress how time-consuming scoring work is, but said, "I'm definitely not deciding to stop. I love doing films. [...] I'll definitely do it in the future".
In a May 2018 interview, Anderson said that, "Trevor [Rabin] has been doing music for a Broadway show as well as film soundtracks". Anderson appeared to be describing recent activity, but that is not clear. In the Jul 2020 interview, Rabin said he had been approached by producers about a Broadway show, but decided he was not interested.

Re-releases and archival releases
Rabin has an online store through Music Glue (who do Rick Wakeman's) and managed by Gonzo Multimedia. As well as a number of existing releases, the store includes some previously promo-only releases and re-releases: these were released Jun 2020. Lost Soundtracks Vol 1 – Jack Frost is the score to the 1998 film. Lost Soundtracks Vol 2 – Film Music was a promo-only compilation by Rabin's management. There is a 2CD album, Cry Lonely Wolf, a live recording from Boston, 13 Dec 1989. (This looks different within the Changes boxset, where it is called Live in L.A. and Boston, and I don't know whether the standalone release is actually different or not.) There's a remastered 2CD re-release of Rabin's 1989 solo album Can't Look Away, with a bonus disc of edits and promotional material. (The bonus disc also includes 2 live songs from the Boston show, at least on the version in the boxset Changes; I am unclear if they are included in the standalone release.) There's a remastered re-release of his 1979 solo album, Face to Face, which purports to come with a bonus track of "Don't You Ever Lose (single edit)", but this isn't actually included. There's also a remastered re-release of what is advertised as Beginnings aka Trevor Rabin and which physically says Trevor Rabin (Beginnings) on its cover, but this is the Trevor Rabin form rather than the earlier Beginnings version. This comes with two bonus track single edits. There's a remastered Wolf. There's a remastered re-release of 90124, with the track listing for the final track appropriately corrected to "Don't Give In (a.k.a. Make It Easy)" and new liner notes.

Finally, there is a 10CD boxset entitled Changes with everything together. The boxset comes with a signed and numbered certificate, 24-page A4 photo book about the making of Wolf, 24-page A4 photo book about Can't Look Away and beyond, an A3 poster and press photos. In his Prog interview, Rabin explains that the project was the idea of Rob Ayling (worked with Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman) of Gonzo Multimedia. Rabin said, "I was far from convinced this was a good idea. Those first four solo albums are all available anyway, and did I really want to put out a lot of sub-standard demos as bonus tracks? [...] But the way this has been put together now works for me."

In the Burns Jul 2020 interview, Rabin said, "We're talking about doing a film score boxset [...] There, I will choose my favourite stuff." Likewise, in the Sep 2020 SOAL interview, he said, "we want to do a boxset of [...] score music" and talked of a 20-25 disc set. He continued, "I might even go in and re-record some of it with orchestra. And even integrate some scores together [...] just make a couple of really long suites".

Collaborations, guest appearances & other news
Rabin guests with Outlanders (alternate website, Twitter), a collaboration between vocalist Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish) and musician/producer Torsten Stenzel (York, worked with Mike Oldfield, Nelly Furtado, Joss Stone). Further guests include Mike Oldfield (worked with Jon Anderson, Geoff Downes), Al DiMeola, Vernon Reid, Joe Satriani, Bumblefoot (Asia), Walter Giardino (Rata Blanca), Steve Rothery (Marillion), Marty Friedman, and Jennifer Batten. The project, which was mainly recorded in Antigua, mixes electronic music, vocals and (electric and acoustic) guitars. The album uses some texts by Paulo Coelho. Marcelo Cabuli is the executive producer.

The first single, "Closer to the Sky" (streaming audio; music video), features Rabin and was released digitally 26 Nov. There is also a 7" vinyl release, with a b-side of "Closer to the Sky (Dub Mix)". The song was written by Turunen and either Erik Nyholm or Stenzel (I've seen different reports), and is performed by Turunen (vocals), Stenzel (programming) and Rabin (guitars). It was recorded and engineered in Antigua by Stenzel, with the vocals recorded by Turunen in Marbella, Spain, and the guitars recorded and co-produced by Rabin. The song was produced and mixed by Stenzel, Turunen and MIC, and mastered by Tom Porcell. The band plan to release 8 singles in total before an album release in 2023 (around May), with the next single ("The Cruellest Goodbye" with DiMeola) out 28 Jan 2022.

Rick Wakeman and Rabin have both mooted the possibility an album together at some point: see here for details. Rabin also appears on a couple of tracks of Wakeman's Unreleased Demos Volume 1, with demos and more from the 1990s: see under Rick Wakeman.

Rabin and Roger Hodgson worked together after Hodgson had turned down the idea of joining Yes, the collaboration yielding "Walls" on Talk. Some of that material was recorded with Squire, White and Kaye. Asked in the Sep 2020 SOAL interview whether any of it might see release, Rabin replied that he and Hodgson "always keep in touch". He continued, "we really spent quite some time enjoying writing together and recording stuff. A lot of it just never got finished. [...] That's something that, y'know, maybe, at some point, Roger and I should... y'know, time's getting on, so we should do it sooner than later. [...] There's quite a lot of stuff that wasn't finished and, we've always talked about, we should get this done, finished, and forget about where, how it's gonna be done, let's just do it and get it done."

Gary May (Trevor's brother-in-law) said on Facebook in early 2015 how he had had "Trevor produce, orchestrate and play on one of my songs", with a photo taken in Rabin's Jacaranda studio in Oct 2014.

In Aug 2021, Rabin sold his music publishing catalogue of 3528 pieces—including music with Yes, from his solo career and film scores—to private equity firm Round Hill Music Royalty Fund Limited. Round Hill got the writer's and publisher's share of the catalogue and administrative control. Josh Gruss, chairman and CEO of Round Hill, said, "We believe this is a particularly attractive area in which to be increasing our exposure, as film and TV performance revenues continue to increase in value."

Igor Khoroshev
Fear Factory's album Aggression Continuum (Nuclear Blast, NB 5847-2) was released 18 Jun 2021 on Nuclear Blast Records on CD or 2LP. The album features Dino Cazares (guitars, writing), Mike Heller (drums) and Burton C Bell (vocals, lyrics). Bell recorded vocal parts in 2017, but left the band in Sep 2020. Khoroshev was the main keyboardist on the album and is confirmed on "Recode", "Fuel Injected Suicide Machine" and "Collapse"; he is also credited with some arrangements, sound FX design and vocal engineering. There are additional keys from Max Karon, Giuseppe Bassi, Alex Rise (outro of "End of Line") and Jeremy Krull (intro to the title track). Rhys Fulber (worked on The Ladder) contributed programming to 2 tracks. The album was produced and engineered by Damien Rainaud and mixed by Andy Sneap. The album has been as high as #6 in Heavy Metal (27 Apr), #16 in Alternative & Indie and #128 in CDs & Vinyl (25 Apr) on Amazon in the UK. It made #98 in the UK album chart (#2 in Rock & Metal, #7 in Independent), #15 in Australia and Switzerland, #20 in Germany, #31 in Austria, #53 in Wallonia and #76 in Flanders (Belgium), and #81 in Czechia. A first single, "Disruptor" (3:45; music video), was released 16 Apr 2021. Tracks:
  1. "Recode", third single, released 18 Jun 2021; music video
  2. "Disruptor"
  3. "Aggression Continuum"
  4. "Purity"
  5. "Fuel Injected Suicide Machine", second single, released 14 May 2021; music video
  6. "Collapse"
  7. "Manufactured Hope"
  8. "Cognitive Dissonance"
  9. "Monolith", fourth single, released Sep 2021
  10. "End of Line"


Khoroshev often works with Mike Plotnikoff (engineer on The Ladder and House of Yes; worked with INXS, Aerosmith, KISS, My Chemical Romance) as a production team. Starset's Vessels was released in 2017. Khoroshev provided strings, orchestral arrangements and programming. Details in Yescography. Plotnikoff was an engineer on the album. Khoroshev was back for their next album, providing additional programming on Divisions (Fearless Records), released 2019 as a CD or 2LP. Plotnikoff was again an engineer. The album made #37 in the US (#4 in Hard Rock; #6 in Alternative; #7 in Rock) and #22 in Australia.

Oliver Wakeman - Rick's son. Homepage; Oliver Wakeman Band Facebook page; Twitter; YouTube
Wakeman tweeted 7 Nov 2021, "Starting the journey of working on a new album." This may be the same project alluded to on 21 Feb 2020, when he tweeted:
Busy trying to finish the writing sessions for my new album which will hopefully be out later this year [2020]. Had a breakthrough today writing the middle section for a piece I’ve been working on for some time
Nearly ready to start working on the arrangements. Then comes the recording!

This seems to be for a solo release due late 2022 and called Anam Cara. It is unclear how this relates to earlier announced plans for an album called Cultural Vandals: more on that below.

Oliver was planning to play a solo show, co-headlining with Touchstone, on 9 May 2020 in London. However, the show was cancelled because of the COVID-19 epidemic. The performers have hoped to re-schedule. The show was to be the live première of material from From a Page, the Yes album of pre-Fly from Here studio sessions with Oliver. The set list was to include "To the Moment", "Words on a Page", at least another song from From a Page, and material from Oliver's solo career and collaborations with Steve Howe, Gordon Giltrap and Clive Nolan. His band was to be Joe Payne (ex-The Enid, works with John Holden; vocals), Oliver Day (Yes tribute band Fragile, works with John Holden; guitar), Steve Amadeo (works with Rodney Matthews; bass) and Henry Rogers (Touchstone; drums).

Oliver's Oct 2018 Newslist described three major projects. First, he wrote how, "I have been working on a new project which is very exciting and I have a meeting during this month to finalise the details and so look out for news in the next newsletter." Oliver also tweeted 3 Mar 2018: "I've been getting lots of comments and emails recently from people asking why I haven't released any new music recently. I have been working on a special project which is still in development but I will hopefully have news to share soon!" I am guessing that that project was From a Page.

Secondly in the Oct 2018 newsletter, he wrote, "I have also been working on a collection of instrumental piano pieces based on music I have written for my family or commissions for other peoples loved ones. I was encouraged to put it together following the nice comments from people who heard some of the pieces at the solo piano shows and by the people who have commissioned pieces from me. I am still working on it but it is coming together nicely and I am hopeful for a release in the New Year [2019]." This would appear to be the same album he described in an Aug 2018 tweet, saying he was, "currently looking into the release of a new instrumental album for later in the year [2018]". It would also appear to be the same project described in a 31 Oct 2018 tweet: "Starting to put some plan[n]ing for a new solo instrumental album due next year [2019]... more info soon." His Sep 2019 newsletter said:
I have continued to work on the collection of instrumental piano pieces based on music I have written for my family or commissions for other people's loved ones.

I have decided to include other musicians on the album (as it was originally going to be just myself on piano) as I feel that, with the way some of the pieces are developing, it feels more like the follow up to 3 Ages of Magick album I recorded in 2003. I think I have all the music now composed but the crafting and arrangement work has started in earnest. I am hoping that this will be out for Spring 2020.

Pieces on the album include "Lottie's Song" (for his daugher) and a new version of "November Wedding" (previously released on Trinity). In a Facebook broadcast in Apr 2020, Wakeman said he is currently working on the album, which will be called Works for Art. He is working towards a release for the end of 2020, with a cover by Rodney Matthews.

Thirdly in the Oct 2018 newsletter is Cultural Vandals: "With all the work that has been going in my life for the last few years (Yes, Gordon Giltrap, Piano solo shows & Sessions) my own rock band has taken a back seat which meant that my 'Cultural Vandals' project never got finished. I am intending to try and get this finished and released next year [2019] as well. I have all the music written and most of the instruments and vocals have been recorded, it just needs some final recording done and then a jolly good mix and an interested record label!" In his Sep 2019 newsletter, however, he said "[t]his hasn't progressed any further". The band has been himself (keys, piano), Paul Manzi (Arena; vocals), David Mark Pearce (works with Lisa LaRue; guitars), Paul Brown (ex-Medicine Man; bass), Dave Wagstaffe (Landmarq, ex-Peter Banks, ex-John Wetton; drums). He continued to write material during his tenure in Yes and had, at one point, decided on 9 songs for the album. He was re-working this material from Jan 2011. Manzi and Pearce were also working on creating a rough mix of the album. Wakeman said on Facebook in May 2011: "The album itself will be a mixture of different styles and lengths of songs but I don't really like to give away song titles or descriptions before an album is released because that way no-one will have any pre-conceived ideas on how it will sound!" In a Sep 2011 blog, he said:

Cultural Vandals is coming along really well. We are currently discussing the options for releasing it which will hopefully be towards the end of the year [2011] or early 2012. I have been working on another project for the last few months and I hadn't listened to it for a while. I mentioned in my last blog that I always like to let albums sit for a while and then revisit them to make sure that I am happy with them. I sat and listened to it in full yesterday to see what other work was required and it felt really good to me. I can't wait to start recording [...] a finished version

Manzi was recording vocals with Wakeman in May 2012, presumably for this project.

In a review of 2016 on his website, Oliver said, "There is my large scale musical project which I have been working on all year [2016] with a well known music producer and my business partner. We are confident that it will see the light of day this year [2017]."  In a May 2018 tweet, he talked of "working on my next album rough mixes".

In a May 2009 interview, Oliver says:

I have a lot of solo material that I'd like to record too – four very different albums' worth. One will be a rock album, another Celtic rock, the third is a rock opera, and the fourth is made up of piano pieces. I really hope to start recording them before the end of the year [2009]. I like to use a studio in Virginia Water, Surrey, where I have a great relationship with the engineer Karl Groom. I produce my own recordings myself.

In the Jun 2008 interview, Oliver also said that he was "a fair way through a solo project on the piano". Oliver had also started work on a singer-songwriter-style album featuring various musicians he has worked with over the years.

On 13 Mar, Oliver tweeted about being, "Back in the studio working on the new @dexibellMI project..." Dexibell are an Italian musical instrument company. Further details as to what this project entails have not been forthcoming so far.

Oliver is available for writing commissions.

Work with Rodney Matthews
(Rodney Matthews Studios, RMS003CD) was a 10-track, mainly instrumental album from Rodney Matthews and Jeff Scheetz with Oliver Wakeman, released  Dec 2019. Details in Yescography. Matthews (drums, lyrics) is best known as an artist, has worked with Oliver and Rick Wakeman, Asia, Thin Lizzy, Magnum, Michael Moorcock and others, while as a musician, he used to play drums in Squidd, who opened for Yes. Performers included Jeff Scheetz (guitars, bass), Oliver (keys on 9 tracks), Rick Wakeman (harpsichord and church organ, on "Trinity" only), John Payne (ex-Asia; bass, vocals). Tracks:

  1. "The Heavy Metal Hero"
  2. "Mirador"
  3. "The Granite Curtain"
  4. "Night on the Bare Mountain", by Mussorgsky; LP1, side 2 starts
  5. "November Wedding", written by O Wakeman as a wedding gift to Rodney and his wife Sarah; Oliver has recorded another version of this piece for a solo project of his
  6. "Stop the Slaughter"
  7. "The Leavetaking"
  8. "The Hop"; LP2, side 1 starts
  9. "Rivendell"
  10. "Trinity", with Rick Wakeman, recorded Dec 2016

Rodney and his wife Sarah have re-done the 1978 children's book "Yendor", originally by Graham Smith and Rodney. (Yendor is Rodney backwards.) The book is now out. There is a CD release forthcoming through Rodney Matthews Studios (approximately 11 May 2020) with narration by Sarah (recorded Mar 2020), some additional voice from Rodney, and a score by Wakeman, largely on '70s style keys (Rhodes etc.), plus some guitar and bass. Mastering was by Karl Groom (worked with Yes). Tracks:

  1. "Yendor (Narration with Soundtrack)", by Sarah Matthews and Oliver Wakeman (16:58)
  2. "Yendor (Narration)", by Sarah Matthews (16:31)
  3. "Yendor (Soundtrack)", by Oliver Wakeman (16:58)
  4. "Words from the Illustrator", by Rodney Matthews (1:52)

Wakeman was asked to do some brief interludes between parts of the narration, but decided to do a full score instead, which he worked on without telling the Matthews of his plan. He then sent the whole thing over, fortunately to a positive reception. On 9 Apr 2020, Wakeman tweeted about playing bass on a piece for a Matthews project, which was this. The original plan for the narration had just been a download accompanying the book, but with a score, it was decided to do a separate release. (As they discussed in a Facebook broadcast in Apr 2020, if they could get funding, the Matthews would like to turn it into an animation.)

There was a successful Kickstarter to turn the audio version, with Wakeman's music, into an animation. This reached its goal on 27 Sep 2020. The 17 minute "Yendor - The Journey of a Junior Adventurer" has been shown at multiple film festivals, winning several awards, including Best Animated Short at the 2021 London Independent Film Festival, Best Children's Story at the Indo - French International Film Festival 2021 and Best Short Animation Film at the Halicarnassus Film Festival 2021. The Matthews are working towards a second Yendor short animation, with a story scripted specifically for the film.

Guest appearances/sessions
Oliver guests on Carrie Martin's second album, Entity, released Oct 2020, having previously appeared on her debut, Seductive Sky. He appears on "Those Words" (streaming audio). Gordon Giltrap (worked with Oliver Wakeman, Rick Wakeman) also guested on the album, which was produced by C Martin/Ben Martin/Wayne Proctor.

Oliver worked on several projects by John Vehadija, described on the main page as they sometimes also involve Billy Sherwood: see here for details. Oliver was doing a commission for Bill Sandalls.


Oliver guests on a new piece by Inventioning, a band related to the first Anderson Ponty Band line-up: see on Jon Anderson's page for details.

Re-visiting older recordings
Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon; keys, backing vocals) & Oliver Wakeman (keys) had been working on a third album, based on the "Frankenstein" story, but this was abandoned due to lack of sufficient budget within the record company, Verglas, the project being too expensive. (The label at the time suggested doing an instrumental album to save money, so Nolan suggested doing a set of pieces based around darker fables, to be called Dark Fables, but they decided not to advance with this idea.) However, the 3CD boxset, Tales by Gaslight (ELR001CD; teaser trailer; lyric video for "Coming to Town"), was released 23 April 2021 through Burning Shed, with remastered versions (remastering by Karl Groom) of their earlier collaborations Jabberwocky (1999, with, among others, Peter Banks—guitar, Rick Wakeman—narration) and The Hound of the Baskervilles (2002, with, among others, Banks—guitar), plus a third CD, Dark Fables, with >30 minutes of material from the "Frankenstein" project and some further unreleased material. Details in Yescography. After the success of From a Page, Yes's management asked Oliver what else he had, so he and Nolan planned a re-release of Jabberwocky and Hound. Management then asked if they had any extras, they considered using some demos of these albums but didn't think the material very exciting, when they realised they each had demos for "Frankenstein", amounting to about 35 minutes of material. Wakeman also found some almost finished demos relating to Sherlock Holmes ideas that hadn't fitted Hound. They then developed the material further, recording new parts, including guitar (by David Mark Pearce from Wakeman's band), bass and drums. They added ideas, orchestrations etc. to each others ideas, working remotely. They also added some vocals, by Nolan, Wakeman, Andy Sears (Twelfth Night; recruited by Nolan) and Charlotte Dickerson (recruited by Wakeman). Wakeman also wrote some new material, with classical guitar by Gordon Giltrap (worked with Rick Wakeman). Also appearing on Dark Fables is Paul Manzi. They felt they couldn't called this album Frankenstein as it wasn't a proper version of the book matching the first two albums, so they recycled the Dark Fables name. Pearce also added a guitar solo to each of Jabberwocky and Hound, that had been intended for the original releases but had been omitted in the mixes.

The box set comes with a 16-page booklet, including additional art by the cover artists for Jabberwocky and Hound, and 3 art prints of the three album covers. A limited edition (250 copies) initial run comes with a fourth art print of the box set cover signed by Wakeman and Nolan. Dark Fables was produced by Wakeman and Nolan. The overall box set was produced by Wakeman, and executive produced by Martin Darvill. Dark Fables tracks:

  1. "The Overture" [Wakeman/Nolan] (4:07)
  2. "I'd Give You Everything" [Wakeman] (2:57)
  3. "The Mirror" [Nolan] (5:17)
  4. "Elizabeth" [Nolan] (2:01)
  5. "Why Do You Hate Me?" [Wakeman] (3:51)
  6. "The Wedding Approaches" [Wakeman] (4:30)
  7. "Time Passes" [Nolan] (3:23)
  8. "A Descent into Madness" [Wakeman] (4:47)
  9. "221B" [Wakeman] (2:00), unused from The Hound of the Baskervilles
  10. "The Man Called Sherlock" [Wakeman] (7:02), the original version of "Overture" on The Hound of the Baskervilles
  11. "The Baker Street Irregulars" [Wakeman] (2:39), presumably also unused from The Hound of the Baskervilles
  12. "The Jabberwocky" [Lewis Carroll] (1:47), a reading of the original poem by R Wakeman, sections of which were used on Jabberwocky, but here presented as a whole

In a May 2021 YouTube Q&A, the pair mooted live shows. Nolan also mooted developing "Frankenstein" into a full album if someone could supply the funding!

Dark Fables received a standalone release on 5 Nov 2021.   



Management then asked for further ideas for releases. This led to a boxset of the albums Wakeman has done with guitarists, namely Steve Howe (The 3 Ages of Magick, 2001) and Gordon Giltrap (Ravens & Lullabies, 2013, with Benoît David on 1 track), originally to have been called Guitarists. A 3CD box set, Collaborations (ELR003; teaser video), came out 15 Apr 2022, with those 2 albums (remastered), with bonus tracks, plus a third disc, From a Stage, an acoustic live album from the tour with Giltrap. The release comes with a 16-page booklet and art prints of the sleeves. Bonus tracks for The 3 Ages of Magick are "Hit 'n Myth", "The Faerie Ring" and "Dream Weaver (The Storyteller demo)": no details have been given on these. For Ravens & Lullabies, there is "Praeludium (from the Well Tempered Clavier)", "The Forgotten King", "Roots" and "The Wedding Approaches (Instrumental)". The first three of these are studio tracks that were on the bonus disc of a limited edition version of the original release of Ravens & Lullabies, while "The Wedding Approaches" is a new mix of the track from Dark Fables just using Wakeman's piano and Giltrap's classical guitar. From a Stage is from a Christmas concert by Wakeman, Giltrap and Paul Manzi (Sweet, ex-Arena; the main vocalist on Ravens & Lullabies) in Maltby that was compered by author Stephen Lambe; tracks:

  1. "Nature's Way"
  2. "Wherever There was Beauty"
  3. "Elizabethan Pirates"
  4. "Glimmer of Light"
  5. "Isabella's Wedding"
  6. "Maybe Tomorrow"
  7. "If You're Leaving"
  8. "Dodo's Dream"
  9. "Picture of a Lady"
  10. "Anyone Can Fly"
  11. "Lutey and the Mermaid"
  12. "Roots"
  13. "Mother's Ruin"
  14. "Ravens will Fly Away"
  15. "Heartsong"
(The limited edition Ravens & Lullabies bonus disc also had 5 live tracks, but those were from a different concert than used here.)

There is a video for Manufacturing (from Ravens & Lullabies) to promote the release.

Oliver was on initial album sessions for Yes's Fly from Here. Material planned for Yes was re-used by Oliver for Ravens & Lullabies ("From the Turn of a Card" and "Credit Carnival") with Gordon Giltrap and planned to be re-used in Cultural Vandals. Some years ago, he explained on Facebook in a conversation with fan Sanders Thornburgh:

There were a few tracks that started to get recorded in the studio [for Fly from Here]. Others that were written in preparation of the album and others written whilst staying in LA. A few have ended up on the forthcoming Cultural Vandals album and a couple will be on the album I'm writing with Gordon Giltrap. Nothing goes to waste! None of them will feature the Yes guys performances though.

[...] Maybe when the Giltrap/Wakeman and Cultural Vandals albums are released people will have an idea of what the album [Fly from Here] might have resembled!

In a Facebook chat around Feb 2018, he said:
I got the rights back to my songs which will see the light at some point. Plans in the pipeline! I also have lots of demos of stuff from the FFH sessions [...] [including] the 2 songs I wrote and the one I co-wrote with Chris - a cool 10 minute piece.
Much of this material was then released on From a Page. It is unclear if anything not used on From a Page will be used now.

Benoît David

David news is on its own page.

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