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20 Mar 2020: Thanks again to the Peter Banks Musical Estate for continued cooperation. I hope all my readers out there are doing OK in these difficult times.

27 Oct 2018:
Thanks to the Peter Banks Musical Estate, Andrew Booker and Geoff Bailie for CDs and help.

31 Jul 2018:
Thanks to Luna and her excellent Rabin-esque blog for continued great research on all things Trevor Rabin. Thanks also for the shout out from Prog in this news story.

16 May 2017: An angry email recently from John Vehadija, unhappy at a bad review of his album in the Yescography. (Fair enough: it was a very bad review!) So, to clarify: my editorial policy with the WATN pages is not to cast judgement on the quality of the music. It's a news site. I report what's being released or about a tour, etc., but whether you'll like the result, caveat emptor. I think most of the projects I cover are good—that's why I'm spending my time on the website!—but a few of them are stinkers. Either way, I keep such opinions off these pages. I do link to the Yescography, another site I came to run. The Yescography accepts entries from anyone. It has always included reviews along side facts. I have my own opinions, likes and dislikes, which I'll write about in Yescography reviews, my blog or elsewhere. Other people's Yescography entries may include their opinions. Artists are very welcome to get in touch with any corrections or comments about either site... although I may not respond to the ones that tell me to "f*** off".

10 Apr 2017:
The mystery of what ARW are calling themselves and how they can do it has been resolved: ARW are now Yes ft. ARW because Anderson co-owns the Yes trademark. This looks like a stalemate between the two bands rather than any sort of agreement. I've re-jigged the site to reflect that there are two rival bands called Yes, although there will be legacy text that just calls ARW "ARW".

Unsurprisingly, we've seen a recent peak in traffic (442 and counting for today [eventually reached 489]), although that is way down on past peaks (see below). Is the page less popular than it once was? A shift in online Yes fan activity to social media rather than traditional webpages? Am I slower with breaking news and with fewer exclusives?

10 Nov 2016:
Note change of site email address to bondegezou-at-googlemail.com

30 Jul 2013:
I am aware that there are some problems in the HTML such that certain sections show up in red when they shouldn't on certain browsers/devices (on an iPad). I am looking into the problem. Thanks to Days Between Stations and Sarastro Blake for the CDs.

29 Jul 2013:
In 1988, I went to university and met this guy called Adrian Wrigley. He was friendly, inventive and had great taste in music. He had a CD player, the first I'd seen, and we played three CDs over and over: Rush's Hold Your Fire and Power Windows, and Yes's 90125. That's why I am a Yes fan today. I hadn't seen him in many years, but I recently discovered that, sadly, Adrian passed away recently. In memoriam Adrian.

22 May 2012: Here's a new donate button if you'd like to contribute to the site's upkeep costs.

20 Feb 2012: Another year, another line-up change! Traffic peaked on 7 Feb with 1,551 unique visitors and 3,512 page loads.

15 Jun 2011:
Thanks to the YesWorld team for their assistance, and for asking me to assist with the two recent Yes quizzes. Also a belated thanks to Rob Ayling @ Gonzo for the ABWH re-release and Gong DVD. And also thanks to everyone who has bought through Amazon via the links on the website. It helps raise funds for the site's upkeep.

4 Jun 2011: First up, thanks to various people who must remain nameless for assistance around the new Yes album. Thanks also to 10T Records for more CDs. The latest high in traffic was 1 Jun with 1,459 unique visitors and 2,649 page loads.

12 Apr 2011: The news around Geoff Downes replacing Oliver Wakeman broke in several stages, but we had a recent high in traffic on 1 Apr with 1,404 unique visitors and 2,458 page loads. This is still some way off the overall record since using the current counter, which is 2,947 unique visitors and 4,822 page loads on 16 Jun 2010... although what happened on that day, I can't remember! Meanwhile, thanks to people too numerous to mention for sending me news and info.

10 Jan 2011: Some more thanks! Thanks to Anil Prasad for a copy of his "Innerviews" book; thanks to 10T Records for the CDs; thanks to Rob Ayling @ Gonzo for the "Union Live" set; and thanks to the many of you who keep sending me news, links to articles and so on. As ever, the site is what it is because of your contributions.

By the way, some of you have asked to 'friend' me on Facebook. I'm mostly keeping Facebook for friends I know "in real life" rather than the wider world of online Yes fandom. However, please do add me on MySpace and/or Twitter. [UPDATE (11 Apr 2011): I now have a Yes-specific Facebook account.]

11 Jul 2009: Thanks to Deborah Anderson and E-Rok for the copies of Deborah's great debut album, Silence. Thanks also to Concert Live for the Rick Wakeman/Henry VIII live CDs. I'll be attending the London Yes show in November (and Gong's show the same month) if anyone wants to say hi!

13 Dec 2008: Thanks to various people who have talked to me about their work: Peter Machajdík (my interview with Peter is here), Tom Curiano and Joe Luca. Thanks to Steve Nardelli for a guest pass to the 1 Nov Francis Dunnery show, despite my ongoing skepticism about The Syn's plans! Also, congratulations to Steven Sullivan who is taking over running ForgottenYesterdays.com. Finally, but by no means least, thanks to the numerous people who have sent me news about the band and its members over the last few months.

15 Sep 2008: There is some uncertainty about whether the new line-up are describing themselves as Yes or not. Without getting into an argument over whether they should or should not call themselves Yes, for simplicity's sake, I am covering news of the In the Present tour line-up in the Yes section.

10 Sep 2008: Well, I've broken the news online of the new vocalist, Benoît David, after details were confirmed at the Shepperton screening of "The Director's Cut" DVD (and a big thanks to Marc Catchpole for his report from the evening). The news has been picked up by Classic Rock magazine's website, although the phrasing of the story suggests they got the story from here, so I wouldn't take that as independent confirmation! The DPRP news page is also covering my report. The real announcement by the band is expected in a few weeks. This is obviously a hugely controversial step for Squire, Howe and White to take and I've waded into the online debates on the issue, but I intend to keep the news page, as ever, focused on informing fans as to what's happening rather than casting judgement.

The news went up on Sunday 7 Sep. Subsequent traffic broke the previous record from Mar: Monday 8 Sep saw 3,420 page loads and 1,709 unique visitors, while 9 Sep saw 3,283 page loads and 1,815 unique visitors.

1 Aug 2008: For those of you who wonder what I do in between all this Yes stuff, I'm a lecturer in health informatics at University College London, so I do things like this paper on failings in Choose & Book, the electronic booking system for outpatient appointments in the UK. Unique visitors to the site had been over 900 every day so far this week with the ongoing speculation around Yes's plans.

16 Jun 2008: Thanks to all of you who have sent in donations! I've received 24 donations so far, adding up to $430, which about covers all my web hosting costs for the year. I'm taking down the PayPal donate buttons on the main pages. Thanks again.

3 Jun 2008: 10th anniversary and site in crisis!
Welcome back! And sorry for the site's absence this last week or so. To cut a long story short, the site's traffic has been well over what my Internet Service Provider allows for months now, and so they suspended the site. We've been running at about 4-5GB per month compared to a 2.5GB quota. I am pleased and honoured, and slightly dumbstruck, that the site has become so successful, but do now face a problem. A problem with a simple solution: money! I generally like my ISP, so I am upgrading my account for an extra £11.75 (~$23) per month to an allowed quota of 5GB per month. I've also made some tweaks that should reduce data throughput, including splitting off pages for Asia and for CIRCA: (and associated projects).

I run this site out of love, not for money. The site has some adverts, mainly Amazon links. If you click on one of those, then anything you buy on that visit should result in me getting about 4% commission (at no extra cost to you). That's generated a bit of money, about half of my previous account costs. This new expense is a step up, so I'm looking at featuring adverts more prominently. I will try to make sure this doesn't spoil the site's clean look or be distracting. If you would like to support the site more directly, I've set up an option for donations through PayPal (below and on the front page). If I get enough donations to cover costs, I'll say so here and stop accepting them. If you have a burning desire to support the site through gifts of CDs or donations away from PayPal, drop me a line. That said, as ever, the way you can best support the site is by sending in any news you have about the band: it is that effort on the part of all my readers that really keeps the site going.

[Old donate button no longer working]

In writing this, I realised that the site has passed it's 10th anniversary. I don't quite know when I began the site, but I think it was some time in 1998 and the earliest reference I can find is 1 May 1998. (If anyone remembers better, do tell me!) Here's to another decade, and I hope another decade's worth of band and band member activity to report on. It is very saddening that, just as the site returns, the news breaks that Jon's health problems are so severe that he will be unable to tour this summer. Here's hoping he gets the better of his condition soon.

23 May 08: There were ten more days with over 1,000 unique visitors, but site traffic has now stabilised to somewhere in the 600s as we await the Yes tour. Meanwhile, it appears that an extract from my review of the Steve Howe Trio mini-tour last year has been included in promo material for this year's tour with the same quote ("friendly tension between Steve Howe's compositions and Yes lineage and the hard bop jazz of Dylan and Ross. A stellar encore achieved a balance between the prog rock dynamics of the original and the jazz styling of the trio.") cropping up on several sites (e.g. Ronnie Scott's).

11 Mar 08: Monday 10 Mar was another new peak, with 2,124 page loads and 1,187 unique visitors. I had expected that traffic would die down somewhat after the initial tour news came out, but clearly not. We've been above 900 unique visitors every day since 3 Mar.

9 Mar 08: And Friday 7 Mar beat Wednesday's record with 1,842 page loads and 1,039 unique visitors.

5 Mar 08: Wednesday 4 Mar beat Tuesday's record with 1,788 page loads and, for the first time I believe, over 1000 unique visitors (1,029).

4 Mar 08: Confirmation of Oliver Wakeman replacing Rick and Jul/Aug dates for the Yes tour saw what is probably a record for the site—1,772 page loads / 933 unique visitors—on 3 Mar.

19 Jun 07: Thanks to Kurt Michaels (who supported The Syn on some 2006 dates) for a copy of his new album Outer Worlds.

8 May 07: I've started a MySpace page as an accompaniment to the site. Tony Kaye, Billy Sherwood (as himself and on behalf of CIRCA:), Peter Banks and Jimmy Haun have all left welcome messages so far.

1 Apr 07: No April Fool's here, I've added an RSS feed to the site to make it easier for you to keep track of breaking stories. [Since retired with a switch to Twitter.]

11 Feb 07: I've added the first ever photos to the news page: see here! While the site will be remaining graphics-light, I couldn't resist adding a couple of shots I took with my mobile phone at the 7 Feb 2007 The Producers show with Trevor Horn. Visitors to the site continue to grow: the last 30 days saw an average of 1,076 page loads per day for the site (or, at least, those pages to which I've added the counter), with 554 unique visitors per day.

- News from 2006 back to our beginnings in 1998 is archived here -

Information policy

Where Are They Now? is an unofficial site and I have no official connection to the band: nothing I print is authorised, but instead reflects the current state of play to the best of my understanding. I cannot guarantee to always be accurate, so some reports may turn out to not be true, while others will have become out of date. Information is derived from a wide range of sources, both found myself or forwarded from readers. I try to take into account the reliability of the source of any information, to verify that information elsewhere and then to write news items that reflect my judgement of the accuracy of the news. At times, I will report rumours (indicated as such) that I can neither confirm or deny, but which have some plausibility. Because of a desire to be succinct, shortness of time and occasionally confidentiality, I do not always give explicit details of from where information came, although links provided often reveal the sources.

Note that external links are generally given to official sites only or to particular news reports. There are many very good unofficial sites that I use myself, but Where Are They Now? is not intended as a links resource.

The site is updated frequently, most weekdays. The front page gives the latest date for a change anywhere on these pages. The site is an evolving text: I do not post headlines; rather, the text changes such that it always acts as an up-to-date summary of all the news. The newest information is in red, going monochrome after a number of weeks. News remains for as long as it is relevant and verifiable as still correct. Coverage of individual news items may become less detailed as time passes. The Choice link on the front page is to my pick of the most interesting news of the week and is updated usually on Friday, although I may change it during the week if something particularly interesting arises. Breaking news will go on the Twitter feed.

I report future release details as available, but remember that schedules very often get pushed back but practically never brought forward. Think of release dates, particularly for those further into the future, as lower bounds: the album will not be released before this date, but it might well be released some time after. Note also that release dates will generally be for the US or sometimes the UK if not otherwise stated. Remember also that long delays between the recording of an album and any announcement of a release date are not uncommon. It is not unusual for albums to sit on the shelf for a couple of years.

Note that the Internet allows for such rapid dissemination of news that we get to hear about many plans at preliminary stages, most of which never come to fruition. It is important not to assume that any particular plan will necessarily become a reality.

Thanks to the numerous people who have helped with information for this page and who post news to the various online Yes fora; regular helpers are also listed on the FAQ main page. This page was inspired in part by Shannon Patrick Sullivan's former Doctor Who News Page.

Thanks to... Steven Sullivan, Jeremy S. Weissenburger, Tiz Hay, Jeff Hunnicutt, David Brown, Paul Secord, Gerard Johnson, Ray Riethmeier, John Amick, Shoji Yamada, Matt @ Yesfans.com, Wesley Miller, Matt Putzel, Eduardo Mohallem, Geoff @ Marbecks, David Watkinson, Yann Clochec, Roy DeRousse, Alex Douglass-Bonner, David Seeley, Martyn Adelman, Stephen Nardelli, Peter Banks, Michael Sherwood, Colin Riley, Diane Ash, Scott Bassin, B. Aasen, Rabinesque, Joe Brasfield, Trevon Broad, 'Machete Bug', Nic Caciappo, Mark Clapham, Jimmy Clutter, Christopher Currie, Daniel Earnshaw, Christopher Elliott, Dave Gallant, Hugh Macpherson, 'Giotto Lady', Bill Haley, Jimmy Haun, Mike Bentley, 'Impman', Brent Gordon Jones, Helen King, Jim Kirkhope, Andreas 'AKortm1073', Nathaniel Lathrop, Mike Lord, Billy James, Edupaulo, Andrew Pashley, Brian Neeson, Anil Prasad, Gisbert Prinz, Matt Revell, Paul Rogers, 'YESWOLF1', Chris West, Pierre Kandel, Ian Weatherhill, Simon Barrow, Graeme Stevenson, Peter Limbach, Umbrello Records, Classic Pictures, Vojtech Toman, Daniel Krohn, Donald Fisher, Robert Packard and numerous further people on ProgressiveEars.com and Yesfans.com, and formerly on alt.music.yes and Allgoodpeople.net, and who have emailed me over the years.

Henry Potts

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